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Work Sheet For Addictions

You can use this as a template to release yourself from anything that seems to be overtaking your time and attention. Some Suggestions: food, a specific food, drugs, alcohol, sweets. porn, a habit, television, video games, reoccurring thoughts, a person, sex, money, or gambling.

(Say each statement 3 times out loud while CONTINUOUSLY tapping on […]

Powerful Technique To See Trees Dance

You can love everyone and everything all at once. You can be with them even though they are millions of miles away. The feelings of loss are an engram from past lives when you lost everything dear to you. It is not the case now. All of life is your friend and you are more […]

Please Feel the Love

I figured out the correlation between judgement and people who still believe that they only live one life. Do people realize that this belief, that we only live once, was instilled during the dark ages as a form of control? You can see the different fiber of those who are entrenched in the belief of […]

Playing Catch up

So much of our behavior, dislikes, fears and aversions are formulated in past lives. When I am talking to someone, it is sometimes difficult to stay present to them in the moment. A myriad of engrams from past lives comes through and I see them all at once sometimes. The most prevalent ones; the ones […]

Feel Blessed

After someone has been through a horrific experience, they may have a gut wrenching internal reaction of relief. It is the psyche trying to process the horror that they endured with the new level of peace. It can create a flood of emotion that is like a ground swelling. It feels like it comes from […]