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Energetic Divorce

Have you ever wondered why it isn’t easy to end a relationship that has run its course? You make each other miserable perhaps, but you can’t bring yourselves to separate from each other. Maybe it’s because you have been together many lifetimes. Maybe that initial impulse when you first met wasn’t Kismet but a recognition of someone who you have known very intimately in a past era. Maybe the reason your partner always seemed to know you so well is because they really do know you so well. Maybe they have had lifetimes to study you. But that doesn’t mean that you were meant to be together. Maybe this is the life that you are meant to finally end a relationship that has been following you through the ages. Maybe you are strong enough to end it now and are ready for another adventure.In past lifetimes, maybe you have made vows to your current mate that you will be devoted to them forever. Maybe the devotion you presently show them, you actually made in another time. Maybe you vowed to love them forever. So possibly, it isn’t love that brought you together but an antiquated agreement made in a simpler […]

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