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Light Workers- Spiritual Farmers

4/30/16 There is an innate belief system that prevents people from gaining their potential. It is the fear of failing or reaching a dead end. It is not possible. Life always forges ahead. You are an eternal being. You have existed beyond all time. You are an expression of light, love and sound that took […]

Understanding Food and Weight issues

4/29/16 There is a huge difference between having issues with food and being obese. They are two different emotional issues. Many can have both but it is good to get and understanding of the difference.

One of the most primal needs is to eat. Many lifetimes were spent occupied with foraging for food. As […]

Jenuine Theme Song

‘Love Is Everywhere’: Music and lyrics by Jen Ward. Sung by Jen. Click below to play.


Please sing it like you are singing it to all the children of all ages and species (even trees) Sing it as if you are giving them the secret of life and permission to be loving and […]

Energetic Divorce

Have you ever wondered why it isn’t easy to end a relationship that has run its course? You make each other miserable perhaps, but you can’t bring yourselves to separate from each other. Maybe it’s because you have been together many lifetimes. Maybe that initial impulse when you first met wasn’t Kismet but a recognition […]

Taps For Jen

Group Phone Session: March 9, 2016

TAPS FOR JEN: Group Phone Session; Wednesday, March 9th, 2016. DETAILS: 00:00 “I’m crying right now and I don’t know why.” 4:14 Politics: By 2000 a dictator in America 10:00 Trickle Down Energy 24:00 Layers of Facade 27:00 Taps for Jen 58:00 Dream: “My Sister was late…” […]