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The Key to Performing Wonders

Healing is not magic. It is a real shift in energetics generated by a heart and mind working together. If the world can create two phones that share information just by touching, how much more can the human mind with a loving heart share with others. Everything that seems based on magic is rooted in […]

Empowering All

It feels very empowering to share our gifts. It is one thing that validates us to the core. We aren’t dependent on outside validation, although that is a result many times. We aren’t even dependent on financial payment. The joy and empowerment in sharing our gifts is the joyous expression of living itself. Many people […]

Unclip Anger

Anger is stagnant energy that has built up and wants a quick release. It is a loaded gun. The thought or intention is the target and the emotion or the passion behind it is pulling the trigger. A wise person will unclip their weapon. There is never a time to wield it. A wise person […]

Kindness is the New Black

Throughout history, we have been passionate about separating ourselves from those that are different. We have built fences, waged war, compartmentalized, diminished, enslaved, committed genocide, scrutinized, judged, coerced, victimized, minimized, blamed, maimed and violated. It is an old experience that most of us are very weary of. It is time to experience a new adventure […]

Which Are You?