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Full Moon Celebration

These powerful taps were given today to assist everyone in embracing their higher self. They also help in assisting humanity and any trapped souls that are not so free to embrace their empowerment. Today is a great portal to assist in a shift for all of life. Please celebrate with all the wonders of the […]

Reclaiming Love

Do you see them?

The power plays and manipulation that render so many helpless Do you hear them? The cries of the dejected, abandoned and depraved. Do you know them? Those who would abuse others for their own gain. Do you regard them? With polite banter in fear of being disdained or rejected? Do you […]

The Sanctity of Life

The abortion issue would make more sense if it was about the sanctity of life. But it is obviously not. If those who cared so much about the life of a fetus only cared so much about the quality of life for others in their circumstances, then their hardcore stance would be more understandable.

But […]

You Can Be Brave Again

Look around. Where are the great thinkers, the great talents, the innovators, and dreamers? Where are they? Where are the voices that speak the truth, echo louder than the rest, defend the rights of the individual, inspire the masses? Where are they?

People are so afraid of public shaming that they hesitate to say anything […]

What is Doable

People say that I am fearless in what I write. I don’t really think so. But there is a reason that I write what I am inspired to write. For my whole life, I have not had a voice. No one has bothered to listen to me or validate me in any way. I was […]