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Releasing Monday Blues

Say each statement three times while tapping on your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest. I release hating Monday, in all lifetimes. I release treating Monday like a dismal abyss, in all lifetimes. I release complaining about Monday, in all lifetimes. I remove all dread and lethargy from Monday: in all lifetimes. I release treating Monday like a death sentence, in all lifetimes. I infuse Friday afternoon energy into Monday, in all lifetimes. I recant all vows and agreements between myself and Monday, in all lifetimes. I remove all curses between myself and Monday, in all lifetimes. I dissolve all karmic ties between myself and Monday, in all lifetimes. I remove all the pain, burden, limitations, and engrams that Monday has put on me, in all lifetimes. I take back all the Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Life, and Wholeness that Monday has taken from me, in all lifetimes. I am centered and empowered in a perpetual Friday afternoon, in all lifetimes.

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A Glimpse of One of My Spirit Guides

I just finished receiving a session with Skye Daniels. She is one of the very few I allow to do energy work on me. Our work together is very special. During the session, she was having me tap in some form of energetic change in my system that would assist me in being more empowered with my life and work here on the planet. As we were both tapping an issue out, a man in construction garb passed my window. I saw him in the reflection of the TV. He walked right in front of my window. My cat Smudge saw him and went to the window. It was so curious that I went to the window to see what was going on. I live in the woods and my house is set back away. There was no evidence of him, or a truck or any disturbance outside. When I mentioned it to Skye, she thought it was strange, too. She checked in and was told what I suspected. This was one of my Spirit Guides that had come to assist in my session. I know they are around and helping me, but to get an outer manifestation of one […]

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Meet Me at the Gym

Throughout my spiritual studies, I have realized that there are different levels of reality. Our existence on each level that is as real to us as our physical life here. This is what Jesus talked about when he said that he knew a man caught up in the third heaven. Sometimes when I dream, the experiences are as real as being here in the physical body and I know I am on the astral plane. Throughout my years of spiritual study, I have spent many nights in a college setting. This is where I have studied my spiritual lessons on the astral plane. It looks like a cross between a college, a grade school, and a mall. I could almost map it out because I have been there so many times. When I was a young adult, I remember being in the gym part of the college. It was at the end of a hall and there were classes to the left, but you could also go right outside from there and be on a field with benches. Just like in my physical college days, I remember blowing off classes. In the dream state, I would rush to leave the […]

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Technique: How to be a Hero in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Have you ever been invalidated, humiliated, mocked, scorned or rejected? This is the underlying experience of most of the lone gunman who commit horrific acts on society. In them, it is perpetual and systemic. We can continue to demonize them all as mentally ill and chastise the “system” for allowing them to fall through the cracks. We can stand by helpless as we watch the power mongers link owning a gun with patriotism to get the most out of their rhetoric. We can watch while they continue to hand out guns like candy. Or we can address the issue on an energetic level so as not to feel so helpless. Go to that feeling of being invalidated and rejected. This feeling multiplied many times and continually is what it takes to lash out in such a devastating way. Use your understanding of such pain as a conduit to connect with all the lone souls out there who are feeling this way. There are so many more than you may think. DON’T GO INTO THE THOUGHT-PROCESS OR FEELINGS. Go in a very detached way. Go to all of them at once. Make your love and intention expansive enough to do so. […]

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Hallowed Ground

I recently had a private session with a dynamic healer. She has been a champion for truth, awareness and individual empowerment. When I tuned into her today, I felt anger buried deeply under sadness. As her session unfolded, the cause of this sadness and anger was revealed In her past, I saw a few lifetimes and scenarios where she was considered a traitor to America. In each instance, she was doing the best she could in an impossible situation. Her loyalty, service, and devotion was somehow misconstrued as being traitorous. The lifetimes went all the way back to the birth of America where she was a Native American who inadvertently betrayed her own people somehow. These taps created an incredible shift in her energy. Doing them did not feel “un-American”. We were releasing past scenarios of war and false imprisonment that left her feeling betrayed and abandoned. There have been injustices in every era of history. She just happens to have been on the receiving end of many regarding America. If you are from another country, you can still do these taps. Just substitute the name of your country. Say each statement three times while tapping the top of your […]

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