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Taps of the Day- Release Using Pain to Pay Homage to God

In past lifetimes, God was associated with painful practices and suffering. Today, as more people become spiritually enlightened, their body is still carrying the belief that Enlightenment comes through pain. So the more aware they are, the more pain they put themselves in. These taps address that core issue.

Please realize that God NEVER wanted […]

Everyday Taps

We are all drops in the ocean, but we are also the whole ocean. Anything we do to uplift ourselves and hold ourselves to a higher vibrational standard, we do for everyone. When we forego diminishing ourselves, the whole ocean forgoes it too. When we let go of petty power plays, the whole ocean relinquishes […]

Taps of the Day

The reason the world is so out of balance is that it has been run from the vantage point of male energy. The world has become that dysfunctional marriage with the bully for a husband and a mousy wife. Here are taps to assist it shifting into the balance that is necessary for world enlightenment.



Have a long heart to heart talk with your fat cells. Thank them for protecting you when you were feeling vulnerable. Tell them that you are strong now and can take care of yourself. Give them permission to shrink down in stature, recede to the background and sleep.

Have a talk with your muscle cells. […]

Taps of the Day

The concept of money exists on the mental realm. It is digging deeper to release this artificial concept of self-worth from our repertoire. Beyond this concept lies spiritual freedom. Money itself is just a tool that is used to benefit the individual. It is as harmless as a rake if it is used properly.

But […]