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What it Takes to Feel Pretty

Recently I facilitated a session with a beautiful, talented fourteen year old girl who started acting out. She is loved and nurtured by two responsible parents. But she started to smoke, and experiment with alcohol and pot. To so many, it would be dismissed as growing pains. But her mother was alarmed. When I tuned into the child, I saw horrific images of a possible future. I alluded to them with the mother. The mother, who is very intuitive, said that she felt a similar fate may be looming in store. They were images of her being trafficked. It scared the mother enough to schedule an emergency session for her daughter. The daughter who had become defiant with her mother agreed to have a session with me. I facilitated it in person. I asked her about the boy who was influencing her. She had played down the relationship with him to her mother but they had a strong psychic connection from a past life. It was confusing her. She knew he wasn’t a good person to be around but she couldn’t seem to help herself. It was very strong. Because of him, she was compelled to do things that her […]

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Love Motivated Intention

People who have been effective in uplifting humanity are ones that have lived in their macrocosm as if it was their microcosm. It is a slight shift in the awareness of the person to do it. They may not even realize what they are doing energetically and why they are so effective. You can consciously do what they have done energetically and as you are successful, great acts will follow. Most people think of themselves as small compared to the world; like a random nothing on this big earth. If, that is, they ever think on those terms at all.There is a way to use those great mind skills of compartmentalization to get an energetic command of the world. It is very simple to do. This is how I do it. I envision myself as a clear bead that the surging energy of divine love is perpetually flowing through. I keep this imagery always handy during the day and pull it up often. The hole of the bead that is me, runs through me at the crown chakra and threads through my whole energy system and out through the feet. But instead of just going through, it permeates my whole […]

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A String of Intentional Miracles

A married couple who started out as clients and became dear friends called me out of the blue one day and were stressed. They had just been to the ultrasound for their first baby and the pictures showed a few abnormalities. The most pressing at the time was that the heart was in the wrong position, the structure of the jaw wasn’t right, and the baby was not growing at the normal rate. I calmed their concerns as much as possible and suggested maybe things weren’t as bad as they first appeared. I did some energy releasing around the issue, suggested other energy modalities to assist as well and tuned into the person that this baby was. The baby was someone who they had known. It was the mother’s grandfather. He was a dynamic man but when he was born he weighed 13 pounds. As a complication, his mother in that life died after his birth. The baby was afraid to grow too big and, as a result, be abandoned. I did a session with the soul that was the baby and released his fear of being too big. As the parents and I connected in this session, the mother […]

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Evidence of the Paradigm Shift

I feel the paradigm shift very powerfully in the outcome of political elections. If the outcome that we get now happened just a couple of years ago, it would have been very alarming. But it doesn’t have the heaviness to it that it once had. It is a win/win outcome. The people who needed the outcome that we received, to feel at peace with the world have it. They will stop flooding the airwaves with gloom and negativity. They will stop pumping fear and negativity into those who are susceptible to fear. They can maybe relax a little bit and be healed from the banter of negativity they got caught up in. Maybe some of it can be extracted from them now that they are in a calmer state. Those of us who have transcended putting our efforts into politics as a solution, already realize that the outcome is irrelevant. We can relax now that so many have been placated. Everything is okay. Since we are all connected, this outcome benefits us all. This is a higher vantage point than any argument to counter this point of view. There is always an uplifting way to view things and there is […]

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Swimming in Truth

In truth, we are all Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom at the core. So when we speak of the opposite, we are not speaking from a high enough perspective, We resonate at the same level of consciousness as what we give life to through our thoughts. Positive feelings are us reaching out to our truth. Opinions are us taking a respite from our truth. Surrender is us realizing we are swimming away from the surface of truth. Once we stop thrashing around with our emotional and mental arms and legs. We can surrender our whole being and be drawn to the surface of our absolute truth. We will all get there eventually. It’s a matter of preferences to how long each one wants to stay immersed in the illusion at hand. I am ready to get out, grab my towel, and wrap myself in unconditional love.

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