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What it Takes to Feel Pretty

Recently I facilitated a session with a beautiful, talented fourteen year old girl who started acting out. She is loved and nurtured by two responsible parents. But she started to smoke, and experiment with alcohol and pot. To so many, it would be dismissed as growing pains. But her mother was alarmed.

When I tuned […]

Love Motivated Intention

People who have been effective in uplifting humanity are ones that have lived in their macrocosm as if it was their microcosm. It is a slight shift in the awareness of the person to do it. They may not even realize what they are doing energetically and why they are so effective. You can consciously […]

A String of Intentional Miracles

A married couple who started out as clients and became dear friends called me out of the blue one day and were stressed. They had just been to the ultrasound for their first baby and the pictures showed a few abnormalities. The most pressing at the time was that the heart was in the wrong […]

Evidence of the Paradigm Shift

I feel the paradigm shift very powerfully in the outcome of political elections. If the outcome that we get now happened just a couple of years ago, it would have been very alarming. But it doesn’t have the heaviness to it that it once had. It is a win/win outcome.

The people who needed the […]

Swimming in Truth

In truth, we are all Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom at the core. So when we speak of the opposite, we are not speaking from a high enough perspective, We resonate at the same level of consciousness as what we give life to through our thoughts. Positive feelings are us reaching out to our truth. […]