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Devastated by God

I don’t think people realize the devastating ramifications that the concept of God has done to the psyche of the world. Even In the present day, most of the hatred, fighting, and wars are fought because we see God differently than the opposing side. This is not a new phenomenon. The holy wars lasted thousands […]

Avoiding Suicide and Coming to Terms with Life

Many of us have been devastated by our life’s journey. Merely maintaining our own sense of boundaries may be a huge accomplishment. For someone who has been battered and beaten down by the purifying nature of living, just having a peaceful existence is the life lesson to absorb. An existence where no one is beating […]

A Healer’s Healing

Contempt for the Lord’s Of Karma

Recently I had a private session with a very accomplished healer. I have incredible respect for her. She has helped so many people at such an incredibly deep level and yet she still has personal issues to deal with. When we started speaking, she got frustrated because I don’t […]

Energetic Cleansing

Significant events in the news include fighting around the world and wildfires that are out of control. Fire is used in healing to cleanse an area of negative energy. Maybe the wildfires aren’t random. Maybe they are directly related to the hate and fighting in the world. The wildfires may be part of the cure. […]

Energy Perception

We can smell things all the time, but we don’t think about what we smell unless it really stands out. If it is something that is pungent or extremely pleasant we think about it. Otherwise, it just blends into the background.

This is true of all our five senses. It is even truer of perceiving […]