Monthly Archives: May 2015

Sound Healing: Tonight!

Tonight’s call will be a unique sound healing session. I will be singing the songs that people have used to store issues in themselves. It is like they use the song as a wrapper for their issues, and when I sing the song, the issue is pulled from the person. It is very effective. Sometimes […]

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Taps to feel great every day. (Say each statement three times out loud while tapping on your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.) I Am Joy personified, in all lifetimes. I Am Love personified, in all lifetimes. I Am Abundance personified, in all lifetimes. I Am Freedom personified, in […]

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Wake Up to Gratitude

There have been countless lifetimes when we have suffered under incredible oppression, starved, were enslaved, humiliated, mocked, scorned, and nearly annihilated, beaten down, and emotionally, mentally and physically defeated. We have endured and thrived because we are here. In this moment, we are here! Any remnants of issues, like lack of money, feeling depressed, lack […]

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