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Technique for Plant, Tree, and Nature Lovers

In contemplation, imagine holding a huge watering can filled with a mixture of water, fertilizer, and love. See yourself as huge and the earth as your round garden. Visualize pouring the love water over all the thirsty love-starved plants and trees in the world and satiating them. See them going from limp to thriving and […]

Releasing Oppression

I recently had a private remote session with a woman who felt like a very clear soul. I usually get a sense of all the issues mingled into a person’s energy field. With her, it was much different. She felt very clear but also restricted. I described the feeling to her and she said that […]

Sending Love and Healing Energy to Baltimore

I am sending love and healing energy to Baltimore with the intention that everyone:

feels and is validated, heals the pain of being dismissed, heals the pain of being invalidated, heals the frustration of being put in a lose/lose situation, stops being the scapegoat for the ills of society, stops being demonized for […]

Technique to Expand Consciousness

Imagine that the earth is much bigger than we realize. Imagine that it has seams holding it in so that its girth is compressed. Where ever you walk drive or travel, imagine your light and love is like a seam ripper, breaking through karmic ties that have been holding the earth in this smaller size.


Jen is going to be a guest with Deb Scott on her show, The Best People We Know Show. Be sure to mark your calendars! This is a live, call-in show. Be sure to have your questions ready.

Friday, May 8 11:00 am EST 347-637-1318 then #1

You can listen to the show […]