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Be a Pipeline Of Divine Light, Love, and Song Into the World

Many people feel helpless with the current state of the world. They don’t realize what a powerful conduit they are for Divine Love to be poured into the word. If everyone who is feeling helpless would forgo all worry, opinions and fears, and simply begin pouring their love into the world, it would make the […]

Reaching Enlightenment

I recently had a private remote session with a long-time client. She was reluctant to have another session with me now. She had just spent two months away on an extended vacation and was implying that she was different. She said she had been kissed by God in a way that no one could imagine. […]

A Believe It or Not Technique to Break Out of Rigidity

Our countenance is assembled one thought, one intention, one fear at a time. What we reflect out here is a compilation of that. Some people are so stuck in what they have created because it is woven so tightly that it seems impossible to change.

A great quick way to break up the tight-assed grip […]

The Talk

I have some AMAZING young adults that are really dynamic and very spiritually acute. It saddens me when I see these profound dynamos trapped in the diminishing belief that drugs are harmless to the psyche. I have been told by them that this up and coming generation associates drugs with spiritually. Haven’t they heard of […]

Dealing with Dumpers

People are stronger than they allow themselves to believe. They need to take self-responsibility. People who dump should realize a lot of things.

They should realize they are being selfish and lazy. There is a way to take care of issues without dumping. Dumping is an energetic systemic problem in this society. People who allow […]