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Where Kindness Prevails

Most people have been so abandoned, abused, used, enslaved, lied to, or broken beyond repair that they have their shutters closed tightly. It takes an incredibly pure intention and act of selfless kindness to help them understand that is all an illusion. They have been acting in a wonderful performance of life. They have been playing a part. They are NOT abandoned. They are in the midst of the deepest and most satisfying love at all times. They are not abused. They were doing field study in how to have compassion for all other aspects of life. They weren’t used. They agreed to a dynamic to learn about the devastating abuse of power, by being engaged with it. They were never enslaved. Their soul light was always watching from a distance marveling at the depths of despair that illusion can bring. They were never really lied to because the perpetrators had no understanding of their own truth. They have never been broken. Fragmentation of light just makes a beautiful prism. And although music can echo through a canyon, it still originates in whole and fabulous streams of notes. Yes it takes a pure and loving act of extreme kindness and […]

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Perfect the Dance!

I spent time with my awesome cousin James Bansbach today. He is a competitive break dancer. He was telling me about a move that he is trying to perfect but was having some difficulty with. I know nothing about break dancing. Since he was sharing his passion with me, I was inspired to assist him in quickly overcoming the plateau that he was on. I told him that the difficulty was between the transitions from one move to another. This made sense to him because that was literally a word for the shift that he was having difficulty with ( I did not know that). I told him that he could do the moves forever but when he changed to the next one, he tripped himself up. His dance was an analogy of his life-journey. In life, we gain momentum and are really caught up in what we are experiencing. We are sometimes resentful when we leave a good life. This resentment shows up in our present lives as not finishing projects. The ingrained memory of prematurely dying makes us say on some level, “Why bother?” My cousin had died in his prime in many lives and that subtle frustration […]

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A Perpetually Uplifting Song

A friend of mine shared a video of a popular song called Happy. Now every time I hear this song I think of her. She has linked herself with this song for me forever. A stronger connection may come by and link itself with the song for me but even if it does, she will still be ingrained in me with the playing of this song. Do you know how to use rubber glue? You put a thin layer on a side that you want to stick something to, and a thin layer on what you want it to be attached to. You let them dry on their perspective surfaces, and then you press them together. They stick because they are melding with themselves. You can’t separate something from itself. This is what happens with music. It connects with an aspect of itself that resides within us. Because we, in metaphysical understandings, are a frequency of sound, the music we hear and the experience entrain and become a part of us. That is why advertisers use music to sell their product or point of view. They are super-gluing their agenda into us with the music that choose to represent it. When I […]

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Regain Yourself

You know that way in which you deny yourself? You dismiss your wants and needs as unimportant. Who taught you to do that? How many lifetimes of deprivation did you endure? Was it lifetimes of betrayal that taught you not to trust? Were you abandoned and told you did not deserve to be loved? Did you attract experiences in this lifetime to reinforce those beliefs? When are you going to challenge them? When are you going to recognize them as untrue? Soul itself is a pure spark of love and wonderment, enthusiasm and joy. If you are not living that, then your experiences left an impression on you. When are you going to regain yourself by challenging every unworthy inclination about yourself? When are you going to undo the programming which you alone can undo? When are you going to stop waiting for a lover, hero or savior to come along and rectify lifetimes of neglect? You are the greatest wonderment you can contribute to the world. When you pour Love into yourself, you pour it into the world. When you see your beauty and kindness reflected in all others, you will realize what a gift you are and how […]

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Love’s Betrayal

When I was a little girl, I lived in a bait store. I didn’t like to fish but I liked to watch the fishermen. I would lay face down on the dock and look through the slats as I gave them a worm and watched them eat it. At first the fish didn’t trust such good fortune. They waited for a younger fish to take the bait and if they were fine, they knew it was safe to take a worm. I would get worms from the store and sit there for hours just feeding my friends the fish. For some reason, I was able to disconnect between my relationship with the fish and the fact that people were catching them and eating them. One day when I was an adult, I had a devastating realization that sickens me to this day. I remember that the dock where I fed the fish was a place where the fishermen would sit and have real good luck in catching fish. It was my friends they were catching. Because I gave food to the fish friends so willingly, they were more trusting of eating from under that dock. So, their trust in me […]

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