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Where Kindness Prevails

Most people have been so abandoned, abused, used, enslaved, lied to, or broken beyond repair that they have their shutters closed tightly.

It takes an incredibly pure intention and act of selfless kindness to help them understand that is all an illusion. They have been acting in a wonderful performance of life. They have been […]

Perfect the Dance!

I spent time with my awesome cousin James Bansbach today. He is a competitive break dancer. He was telling me about a move that he is trying to perfect but was having some difficulty with. I know nothing about break dancing. Since he was sharing his passion with me, I was inspired to assist him […]

A Perpetually Uplifting Song

A friend of mine shared a video of a popular song called Happy. Now every time I hear this song I think of her. She has linked herself with this song for me forever. A stronger connection may come by and link itself with the song for me but even if it does, she will […]

Golden Footprint

When you can go through this life and:

Leave everyone better for knowing you Give a little more than you take, Teach a little bit of what you know, Relieve the aching of a few weary hearts, Lead by example And follow when someone needs your support…

Then you will be leaving a […]

Regain Yourself

You know that way in which you deny yourself? You dismiss your wants and needs as unimportant. Who taught you to do that? How many lifetimes of deprivation did you endure? Was it lifetimes of betrayal that taught you not to trust? Were you abandoned and told you did not deserve to be loved? Did […]