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Technique to Heal the Planet

It is difficult to come up with a great healing technique for the planet that is not going to usurp others’ power. It is important to NOT interfere with any one’s psychic space in the attempts to bring purity back to what feels like a hopeless scenario. Visualizations are an active intention so they must […]

Love’s Poison

Love is like a volatile gas It is ready to ignite at the lightest movement The slightest touch, The smallest whisper. People are afraid of its power so they insulate it well within They surround it on all sides with walls and deflections They are terrified that others may see its volatile influence upon them […]

To Release the Effects of a Full Moon

There is a reason that we feel agitated when there is a full moon. It is like the gravitational pull of the moon on our bodies gathers up all the angst and agitation that we so carefully store through denial and suppression. It gathers it up into one emotional lump so it can be released. […]

The Atlantis Jewelry Shop

In a different time, jewelry was not merely a decoration. The people of different lands realized that gems, minerals and crystals all had different properties. They were only allowed to wear the properties that reflected and complemented their skill-set. Everyone would know what a person was worth by what jewelry they were able to wear. […]

Technique to Satiate the Love Starved

In contemplation, visualize the world from afar with all the people of the world as the surface area. See the people who are loved as rounded little domes amongst the masses. See those who are love starved as little divots in the surface of the earth.

In your meditation, visualize pouring love into the earth. […]