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Technique to Heal the Planet

It is difficult to come up with a great healing technique for the planet that is not going to usurp others’ power. It is important to NOT interfere with any one’s psychic space in the attempts to bring purity back to what feels like a hopeless scenario. Visualizations are an active intention so they must be practiced with the utmost sanctity lest they fall into the realm of power and control. So here goes: Visualize an earth exactly like the present earth, except everyone is thriving and productive, animals are honored and loved, nature is sacred, water is pure, oceans are thriving, energy sources are in infinite supply and non intrusive, peace is the commonality, everyone is appreciated for their contribution, children are intelligent and coöperate in honing their gifts, minds and hearts are open, love is the commonality, music is uplifting and healing, creativity flourishes in all. See this beautiful earth, exactly like our earth in every way except for the above. It isn’t your job to figure out how that could be, you are just holding an intention for such a place. Now take this beautiful earth and overlay it on the present earth. Do so peacefully and […]

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To Release the Effects of a Full Moon

There is a reason that we feel agitated when there is a full moon. It is like the gravitational pull of the moon on our bodies gathers up all the angst and agitation that we so carefully store through denial and suppression. It gathers it up into one emotional lump so it can be released. It is the similar to squeezing a tube of toothpaste to gather it together. Many humans have lost the connection between their emotions and their physical well-being. If they were more equipped to release their emotional angst, there would be less dis-ease in the body. Here is a technique to deal with the emotional anxiety and anger that the full moon reveals. We usually try to avoid the emotional angst, but in contemplation we feel it. See it as a huge pile that is stored somewhere in your psyche. See it as stored in a barn somewhere on your inner property. If it is easier to imagine, see it in the garage. See it as filling the whole barn or garage piled up to the ceiling. Visualize opening up the doors of the garage or barn. Open them up on all sides to expose the […]

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The Atlantis Jewelry Shop

In a different time, jewelry was not merely a decoration. The people of different lands realized that gems, minerals and crystals all had different properties. They were only allowed to wear the properties that reflected and complemented their skill-set. Everyone would know what a person was worth by what jewelry they were able to wear. People in power would wear many items to instill awe in their people. That is why jewelry was considered so valuable then, it reflected one’s abilities and talents to the community, or displayed power. In the present day, the importance of jewels is remembered but has digressed to being a relatively crude display of accumulation of wealth. I went into a local jewelry store last year. They were in the basement of an old house that was set up as a mall. They had pieces that were designed to complement the energy of a person. When I walked in, it felt like I was back in Atlantis. There was a feeling of Lemuria as well. I saw the past life memories of the shop. The shop had no people in it and it seemed secretive. In Atlantis and Lemuria times, it was a shop that […]

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Technique to Satiate the Love Starved

In contemplation, visualize the world from afar with all the people of the world as the surface area. See the people who are loved as rounded little domes amongst the masses. See those who are love starved as little divots in the surface of the earth. In your meditation, visualize pouring love into the earth. Get a sense of how porous it is due to the love starved people. As you saturated the world with Love, watch how it absorbs it, similar to how a plant absorbs moisture when you water it. Keep pouring your love into the planet with all the little divots in the world plumping up and becoming domes. Make certain not to focus on anyone in particular. Just pour it into everyone. If there are any crevices, gullies or receding areas in the earth surface, pour love into all of them. Know that love is not water and you are not flooding the earth with water. Love is love. Water is water. Sense the world plumping up with Love!

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Professional Courtesy

Picture this: you have just passed an intersection and need to make a left turn into a parking lot. There are many cars driving towards you and the light that you just crossed through. The light turns red for them but instead of allowing a space for you to make your turn, they block you from crossing their path. It is lack of consideration because they want to be as close to the light as possible. This is what people do to someone who is living their purpose. They are either indifferent to another person’s path or believe that by allowing them the space to graciously pass in front of them, it diminishes them in some way. Not allowing someone to cross in front of you seems like jealousy or contempt because they are making strides or have an understanding that is different from yours. I get many Lightworkers who want to educate me on what healing is. Lightworkers should not try to diminish someone who is putting their heart into uplifting others. They are coming from ego and hiding behind a catch phrase. A true Angelic being does not need a title. They do not need to have the […]

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