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Manifestation of Celebration

Think about your fondest holiday memories. The ones that are etched more deeply are usually the ones where things went incredibly wrong. That is when we forge memories together, when the love spills out unconditionally and unencumbered. Instead of trying to just get through the day, be amused at the contrast between the ideal day […]

Technique to Appreciate Loved Ones

Sometimes the mind automatically runs through all the bad things someone has done to us. It may not even be done consciously. When going to an event, it can be overwhelming to have the mind run through the scenario of negative events and negative dynamics with multiple people.

Technique to override the mind:

Before spending […]

Mommy and Daddy Issues

All the techniques, and taps that I post are meant to assist the reader to be more physically healthy. If one will just do the taps, the may feel lighter immediately or notice a shift in their relationships with others. The following taps may be great to do before holiday get-togethers. If you have never […]

The Gift of Engagement

Alternative to Black Friday

In times past, a feast was a celebration at the end of a bountiful harvest. Starvation was a real threat and so when there was plenty to assure the survival through the winter, it was a great accomplishment. Every seed, every plant, every crop and every piece of meat was doted […]

How to Regain the Sacredness of the Holiday Season

When I was a child I always wondered why we could only be nice to each other as Christmas loomed near. Why couldn’t we keep that going all year round? […]