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Manifestation of Celebration

Think about your fondest holiday memories. The ones that are etched more deeply are usually the ones where things went incredibly wrong. That is when we forge memories together, when the love spills out unconditionally and unencumbered. Instead of trying to just get through the day, be amused at the contrast between the ideal day and the reality of the day. You are not alone in your feelings about the holiday, whatever they may be. There are enough people celebrating the day that there is someone feeling similar to you. Reach through time and space and convention to find a source of comfort in the fact that others are experiencing the holidays in a similar way to you. Feel blessed by whatever your experience is. You are loved no matter what your experience may be. You are empowered to reflect that confidence to all those that you engage with. As long as you realize you are loved, you are a manifestation of celebration. Happy Day! You are loved by all of life, and you are loved by me.

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Technique to Appreciate Loved Ones

Sometimes the mind automatically runs through all the bad things someone has done to us. It may not even be done consciously. When going to an event, it can be overwhelming to have the mind run through the scenario of negative events and negative dynamics with multiple people. Technique to override the mind: Before spending time with relatives, make a list of everyone who will be attending. For each name, write 5 pleasant interactions with them or kindnesses they have done. Don’t let the mind run on. Just jot down 5 quick instances. When you see the person bring these items to the conscious memory. Also, take time to make a list of a few of the great times you have had with a group of people before you see them again. Repeatedly replay those pleasant memories through your head. This will set a more positive tone for your future interactions.

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Mommy and Daddy Issues

All the techniques, and taps that I post are meant to assist the reader to be more physically healthy. If one will just do the taps, the may feel lighter immediately or notice a shift in their relationships with others. The following taps may be great to do before holiday get-togethers. If you have never done the taps, this might be one to try to see if they can make a difference. Say each statement three times while tapping on your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest. Don’t skip any because you think it doesn’t apply to you. The ones you want to skip are the ones you need to do. I release hating my mother, in all lifetimes. I release worshiping my mother, in all lifetimes. I release the trauma of being rejected by my mother, in all lifetimes. I release being abandoned by my mother, in all lifetimes. I release abandoning my mother, in all lifetimes. I release all limiting dynamics between myself and my mother, in all lifetimes. I release judging my mother, in all lifetimes. I release being judged by my mother, in all lifetimes. I release being enslaved by […]

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The Gift of Engagement

Alternative to Black Friday In times past, a feast was a celebration at the end of a bountiful harvest. Starvation was a real threat and so when there was plenty to assure the survival through the winter, it was a great accomplishment. Every seed, every plant, every crop and every piece of meat was doted on and slaved over for the survival of the village. The contrast between the everyday drudgery to survive and the luxury of a feast were indeed extremes. Such victories over mass starvation are a monumental benchmark in the primal memory banks of the collective species of man. That benchmark is what we try to match in the present day gluttony at holiday feasts. We are trying to relive such a glorious triumph of survival. In the present day, our starting point is not barely surviving. Most of us live without the fear of looming death. So the attempts to illicit such contrast inevitably leads to gluttony. Through gluttony, we are trying to relive that contrast that we felt in the zeal of survival. But what we are really craving is the zeal in living. We see this desperate need for substance triggered in the Black Friday […]

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