Monthly Archives: September 2014

Fore Giving

You know what a loving compassionate person that you are. Being kind and generous comes with the risk of being taken for granted or even being taken advantage of. But for you, that is the risk that you take because living any other way feels wrong, maybe even immoral. That person who has hurt you […]

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Forgo the Pity Party

We are energy beings. As such, we are most healthy when our energy is flowing outward. We tap into an infinite source as it emanates from us. That is how we maintain a balance and a perpetual flow. When we put the focus on ourselves too much, we drop the stream and so are not […]

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The Service Industry

Recently I was walking through the local supermarket, which to me is a very spiritual place. I saw all the workers interacting with each other as a small community. There were people of each gender, all ages and races, interacting with the common goal of tending to the needs of the shoppers. In the deli […]

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Sending Love

I have taken up watching the national news recently. Not to see how bad things are, but to take note of the places, people and situations that are in urgent need of Love and then send it to them. Then I watch to see evidence of the Love being received. If you must watch the […]

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The Butterfly Effect

What if our smallest kindness could uplift and support people on the other side of the world, who are fighting for quality of life and freedom? Even if there is an off-chance, a remote possibility of a correlation between us and them, isn’t it worth the risk to make the extra effort to be kind? […]

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