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There is power in words. We all feel them. Say the word miserable and see how it feels in the body. Now say the word Joyous, and see how the body responds differently. It has even been proven that the vibration of words can change the molecular structure of water. Words matter. There is a reason that the most ruthless swarm of modern killers has called themselves Isis. They have proven their hate for woman by kidnapping female children and selling them into a life of slavery and rape. Their purpose is to empower themselves by the desecrating of female energy. This is the time for female energy to  rise up and become equal in and balanced with male energy. “Power” is reacting on a primal level to this, It is evident by the choice of their name. They have chosen a name; that for all history; is a vibration of empowered female energy. It is very intentional. It is their intention to reclaim their male domination by desecrating female energy and  by destroying the vibration of a sacred word. We cannot participate in that. But we do: we participate every time we call them by the name they have chosen. […]

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There are four ways that humans stay trapped in illusion: Matter – thinking that we are solid and that is all that matters Energy – thinking that energy is a byproduct and is limited Space – believing in the illusion of separateness Time – believing that time is linear. These four things together create a great prison for the human consciousness. For those who truly want to transcend the illusions of being human, with all the pain, anguish, and perceived limitations…they may find these taps helpful. The more we free ourselves, the more we know ourselves as pure love, and inspire others to be free… and to know themselves as pure love. (Say each statement three times while tapping on your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.) I release being enslaved in MEST, in all lifetimes. I recant all vows and agreements between myself and MEST, in all lifetimes. I remove all curses between myself and MEST, in all lifetimes. I dissolve all karmic ties between myself and MEST, in all lifetimes. I remove all the pain, burden and limitations that MEST has put on me, in all lifetimes. I strip off the illusion of MEST, in all […]

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Transcending Habits

Love and fear are polar opposites. When someone is afraid of something, it is a lack of love; it is that simple. To deal with fears of any kind, one has to make their love big enough to dissipate the fear. It is as simple and efficient as shining a light into a dark room and dissipating all the shadows. If one has negative habits, thoughts and feelings that are unhealthy, they are fear based. All judgments and opinions are fear based… a concern about something outside of them interfering with their well-being or state of peace. When one is totally based in love then there is no judgment, only understanding. To arrive at a point of being all-loving, one understands all the experiences that led to that vantage point, and has compassion for every single one of them. Recently a client was dealing with addictions. She was manifesting experiences that were unhealthy for her. When people use drugs, tobacco, or alcohol, it creates holes in their energy field and it is like an open door to transient energies. That is why it is difficult to quit. What would be helpful is to close the energetic door on influences that […]

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A Good Session

I recently met with a client who insists on having sessions in person. Every time we sit together I see her not as the beautiful woman others see, but the eager devoted monk that she has been in many other lifetimes. As we were sitting together, I could feel her reverence of the moment and what it meant. “What we are experiencing now together is what you have been searching all your lifetimes to know”, I said to her as a matter of fact. She realized the implication of my words and they resonated within her from a very deep place of longing. She convulsed into a cathartic release as all her lifetimes of struggle melted away. In our moment together, she has found the means to navigate the depth of her own vessel. Her lifetimes of search have finally reached fruition. It was a good session.

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