Monthly Archives: August 2014


There is power in words. We all feel them. Say the word miserable and see how it feels in the body. Now say the word Joyous, and see how the body responds differently. It has even been proven that the vibration of words can change the molecular structure of water. Words matter. There is a […]

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There are four ways that humans stay trapped in illusion: Matter – thinking that we are solid and that is all that matters Energy – thinking that energy is a byproduct and is limited Space – believing in the illusion of separateness Time – believing that time is linear. These four things together create a great prison for […]

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Transcending Habits

Love and fear are polar opposites. When someone is afraid of something, it is a lack of love; it is that simple. To deal with fears of any kind, one has to make their love big enough to dissipate the fear. It is as simple and efficient as shining a light into a dark room […]

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A Good Session

I recently met with a client who insists on having sessions in person. Every time we sit together I see her not as the beautiful woman others see, but the eager devoted monk that she has been in many other lifetimes. As we were sitting together, I could feel her reverence of the moment and what […]

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