Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Angel of Death

Did you ever have a real tough boss that you were terrified of but when you got more mature you began to like them? Maybe there grew a mutual respect between you. Anyone reading this is able to develop that type of relationship with the Angel of Death. In past times people were very superstitious […]

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Building Bridges Instead of Borders

As our individual world expands and our boundaries relax, we see it reflected in the happenings of the world. Places on the other side of the world used to be strange and something we could not possibly identify with. But we start to realize that we share traits like wanting respect, loving our children and worshiping […]

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Technique to Overcome Tiredness

Go to a busy shopping center with no real agenda or need. Walk at a leisurely space and be very conscious to let others pass. Smile at as many people as possible but don’t expect them to smile back. Expecting them to smile back is a form of manipulation and not unconditional love. Consciously open […]

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The Box

All establishments, groups and religions are meant to contain the masses. They have to address the lowest common denominator in the group. They are not meant for the adventurous free thinkers, that catapult regularly out into the realm of all possibilities. The box is too limited to cater to everyone’s needs. Those that are aware […]

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