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Release the Past

Many people live in the past. They talk about the good ole days and lament how things are not the same. You know why things are not the same? Because in the past they were focused on the moment and in the now they are wasting their time in the past. It is like someone looking into an ash pit instead of enjoying the blazing fire before them. Here are some taps to assist: (Say each statement three times while tapping on your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.) I release living in the past, in all lifetimes. I release dumping my energy into the past, in all lifetimes. I release ignoring the present, in all lifetimes. I release the belief that the past is better, in all lifetimes. I release using the past as a crutch, in all lifetimes. I release being paralyzed by the past, in all lifetimes. I release being out of sync with the present, in all lifetimes. I release glamorizing the past, in all lifetimes. I release suffocating the present with the past, in all lifetimes. I release drowning my Joy in the past, in all lifetimes. I shift […]

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Strength of Character

Have you ever had someone say something unkind about someone and you agreed? Maybe you wanted them to like you; or you just wanted to pacify them. You have used your energy for an ignoble purpose. It may seem like it is no big deal. But from the point of view of someone who has felt every barb, slight, insult, shun and admonishment as if it was physical pain; your contribution matters. In fact, the most healing moment for someone who is suffering for the sheer amusement of others is for a person who “matters” to NOT participate. The people who are unkind to others, go around collecting fuel to continue their agenda in the form of others condoning what they do. Giving them attention or joining in, is agreeing with their project. When someone says something unkind about someone, and you don’t want to confront them, just ignore them. Pretend you didn’t hear them. If they keep trying to get your attention, that is proof that they need your approval to continue. If you ignore them and they stop the behavior, that will be evidence of the weight you carry in others behavior. It is a powerful tool for […]

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Don’t be a “Has Been”

In my private sessions, at the end of the hour the client sometimes feels better than they may have felt in many lifetimes. The frustrating side effects of this is that the first thing out of their mouth is usually, “This is wonderful! I have been….” It is habit and they don’t realize what they are doing but they are unconsciously pulling back all that we just cleared; with the words, I have been. Many of you have been interrupted by me in our exchanges. It may have registered as rude but that was not my intention. I never listen to anyone tell me what they have been because they are bringing in all their problems, all their dis-ease, and a lot of stagnant energy into the sacred moment of now. A couple of you do this in Instant messaged. I am writing and sending out good vibe and will be interrupted; with no advance warning; to “I have been…” It is just poured right into my moment as subtle as if a landfill truck just backed up to my lap and poured it’s content. (If you are feeling bad now, it wasn’t you). When I am with someone, it […]

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Open Letter to Kanye West

Dear Kanye West, I see that you are very frustrated that people don’t see and appreciate your greatness. But what is frustrating to many is that you don’t see greatness in everyone else. Only yourself. You compare yourself to Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and Howard Hughes but this is the same seed of greatness in everyone. A child is considered so precious because they have the potential to manifest this greatness in a way that no other has conveyed thus far. The difference between yourself and the people who you mentioned is that they are too busy out flowing their intention to care about being seen as great. Some people are famous because they have so much to give that they spill their gifts onto a national or global stage. Some people are famous because they have such a deficiency that demands to be filled, that an ordinary life will not suffice. Some of us have not forgotten how you interrupted Taylor Swift on stage and said that she was not worthy of the award. It conveyed an ungracious heart. You will never receive this note but I want to thank you for being a great role model to the […]

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Dealing with Mind F@#ks!

We all have had them. Those incessant thoughts that we can’t turn off. They keep us trapped in a paralyzed state of anger or fear. The more we try to stop them, the more they captivate us. They are stagnant energy that needs to released and is trying to manifest as a thought. We try to push the thought down but it keeps coming up again. That is because this energy needs to pass through to the conscious mind to dissipate. It is like trying to keep a beach ball under the surface of the water. It is going to pop up to the surface. So instead of trying to suppress thoughts, look at the energy fueling them. Visualize it as dark energy or if it is jealousy, murky green energy. Whatever it is, see where you are holding it your body and dive into it. Instead of avoiding it, dive right into the heart of it. You will realize that you come out on the others side and this will dissipate it. Get in the habit of doing this whenever you have an obsessive thought. Another way to look at it is dark liquid energy. Notice where you are […]

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