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A crutch was never meant to be permanent. It is meant to be used to lean on until one gets strong enough to stand on their own again.

(Say each statement three times while tapping on your head and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.)

I release using crutches to limit […]

Your Personal Energy Conversion

When I assist someone in private sessions, I feel their stagnant energy like a cloud and dissipate it by emoting sounds. In doing this, I am converting the energy from latent (dormant) to static (moving). It is very effective. The client usually feels the heaviness move out and is surprised at the shift that they […]

Mastering the NOW

Imagine all our lifetimes as bubbles where everything that transpires is happening now. There is no past or future; all events happen simultaneously. The “we” in the present is connected to all the experiences in the other bubbles without our conscious awareness.

When we are afraid of something in another bubble, we may bring that […]

What is your Life’s Purpose?

Many people ask me what their life purpose is. They have no clue. So…here is an exercise to assist you in figuring it out. Here is is:

1) Write a list of everything you enjoy doing. Think of when you were a child and what you would be happy doing for the rest of your […]

Removing the Glass Ceiling

I recently had a private session with someone who is a dynamic, energetic person. She is very capable of manifesting anything. The issue is that she chose a family this lifetime that would consume a lot of her attention and would be an anchor on her own Joy; amongst other things.

We did a lot […]