Monthly Archives: April 2014

Sharing Your Gifts

Recently I had a remote session with someone who has been amazing at accepting and honoring the work we do together in private sessions. She perpetuates the “Love” by being an awesome Life Coach. She organized an empowering retreat for the women that she assists, but she was concerned that they would not come. So she […]

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Have you ever called in sick when you were not? Did you end up getting sick afterwards? Did you ever tell a white lie and then have it come true in some way or another? Did you ever tell someone you had a prior commitment because you didn’t want to go out with them? Did […]

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Recently I had a session with a regular client. She is very healthy but wanted to work on her physical health as a preventative thing. Her only concern in that area was a thickness or a harmless cyst in her left foot. That is what she wanted to address. As I tuned in, I perceived […]

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Many people wonder, if there is such a thing as past lives and connecting to the other side and perceiving more subtle realities, why they don’t have any unique abilities. There are many reasons. There is a mechanism within us that acts as a curtain to keep out all the experiences of a subtler nature. […]

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The Universal Experience

The more I facilitate private sessions, the more I am shown that our deepest angst and the ones that we cling to and hide so desperately, are exactly what others are clinging to as well. The details may be different but the struggle with the experiences are universal. There seems to be a formula to life. […]

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