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Sharing Your Gifts

Recently I had a remote session with someone who has been amazing at accepting and honoring the work we do together in private sessions. She perpetuates the “Love” by being an awesome Life Coach. She organized an empowering retreat for the women that she assists, but she was concerned that they would not come. So she offered a discount. There was no reason to offer a discount. By offering a discount, she was playing into the “game” that people habitually play into of wanting to get something for nothing. This is an illusion. It is spiritual law that everyone pays for everything that they receive. The Universe is in complete alignment although it seems messy to the those who do not understand spiritual Law. By offering a discount, she is coming out of her agreement with spirit because she had the prompting to offer the retreat in the first place. She was also putting a lesser value on her work which was telling the Universe and her clients that she was not worthy. She was also NOT showing the women how to value their own essence by showing them how to undervalue themselves. From the beginning, she had come out of […]

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Have you ever called in sick when you were not? Did you end up getting sick afterwards? Did you ever tell a white lie and then have it come true in some way or another? Did you ever tell someone you had a prior commitment because you didn’t want to go out with them? Did you ever tell someone to tell the person who is calling for you that you are not available. These little lies seem harmless but they ping away at our integrity. We make excuses for the lies by saying that we want to spare someone’s feelings. But the truth is, we are cowards. We are diluting our own effectiveness when we casually lie. We are actually lying to ourselves. The more that we are honest with others, the more that we stand in our center. When we stand in our center, those around us start to stand in their center as well. People are tired of the lack of substance in relationships. Speaking your truth is like putting the meat back in the sandwich.

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Recently I had a session with a regular client. She is very healthy but wanted to work on her physical health as a preventative thing. Her only concern in that area was a thickness or a harmless cyst in her left foot. That is what she wanted to address. As I tuned in, I perceived a rebellious streak in her and lack of discipline; like she was afraid to move forward in thought. She adamantly agreed. We had, in past sessions, uncovered deep issues over being enslaved. So it made sense that she would resent being told what to do in any form. This was even causing her display incredible lack of discipline in any areas where she felt she was being inhibited. This dichotomy also played out in her personal interactions. She resented being helped in any way but also backed herself in a corner so that she needed assistance by love ones. This showed up in her financial and social affairs. The behavior reminded me of an animal that has been caged for so long that they are conditioned to be afraid to leave the cage. Some of the taps I led her through for this were: (Say […]

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Many people wonder, if there is such a thing as past lives and connecting to the other side and perceiving more subtle realities, why they don’t have any unique abilities. There are many reasons. There is a mechanism within us that acts as a curtain to keep out all the experiences of a subtler nature. It’s purpose is to keep us focused on the lessons of this particular lifetime without overwhelming us. If an individual knew of all they have experienced, it would be distracting from the life lessons at hand and could be overwhelming. In the human experience, we have all abused power in the past and learned from our own actions how horrific it is to cause another pain. I am not sure that those who have the greatest compassion and do the greatest good in the world, are not undoing their own blemishes from the past. If someone knew they were royalty in a past, that knowledge alone could lighten the impact of the lesson of living in humility in this life. The truth of the opposite would see them through. They would just live this life in quiet resolve waiting for the throw of the dice […]

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The Universal Experience

The more I facilitate private sessions, the more I am shown that our deepest angst and the ones that we cling to and hide so desperately, are exactly what others are clinging to as well. The details may be different but the struggle with the experiences are universal. There seems to be a formula to life. Love, angst, abandonment, denial, recovery, acceptance and transcendence are all conditions that individuals need to conquer in their life’s tutelage. We are all working on different lessons and from different vantage points so it creates the illusion of separation. To overcome the condition of life; know that whatever you are experiencing, others are touching upon it in their own life in some degree and in some way. Knowing that the pain you share is experienced in some degree by everyone else may take the sting out of it. Once you can see the same issues in others, you may be able to see how they struggle with it, how they endure and how they love beyond it. This incredible desire to love and belong and to be seen in a gracious light are the universal commonality of existing. Once we see this, we can get […]

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