Monthly Archives: March 2014

Reality Check

There are those who want to remind us how horrific the world is right now. They want to cut through our joy. They consciously believe they are being noble but don’t realize that it is a form of manipulation. If they can weaken our happiness, then they feel important. They see those of us who choose happiness as strong. They want to gauge their own strength by being able to influence us. The next time someone tries to move you from your joy with a reality check, just smile and stay centered. Joy is the ultimate state. You assist the world more by exuding Joy rather than coming into agreement with its opposite. Being a focal point for peace, contentment and happiness, is a great way to uplift the world.

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Technique to Alleviate Stress

The mind runs scenarios in the head of all these things we need to do. Consciously strip the list down to only the things that absolutely need to be done. It may be a much shorter list. Create pockets of time to relax between completing the items on the mandatory list A short nap or meditation is a great way to reset the framing of the mind. By refreshing one’s self, it may be possible to accomplish many more tasks joyfully as opposed to begrudgingly. You may be surprised how effortless is seems to enjoy errands when we don’t feel so chained to them.

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Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides do not choose who they assist by outer affiliations or contain themselves within any group. Spirit guides assist those who are receptive, loving, aware and merit assistance. They don’t care about outer organizations or who brings the best dish or makes the prettiest speech at a pot luck dinner. Being a card-carrying anything only gets you a card. You have to show initiative, share your gifts, stay open to truth, delve into experience and be receptive to being a better you. Any mental concepts of entitlement, no matter how subtle, are glass ceilings and closed doors on your own spiritual quest. We may see blind spots in others but be in denial of our own. Your spirit guides; who you connected with so long ago in your seeking and reverence; want you to regain that state of wonder and gratitude.They want you to walk with them once again.

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We are all connected and so the work we do on ourselves uplifts and benefits all. If we can’t muster up the resolve to carry on for ourselves; maybe we can do it for the struggling souls behind us who are waiting to see how we pick  the key out of the maze of illusion and step into spiritual freedom. Our children, pets and loved ones don’t want to see us as simple passengers in life. They want to see us empowered and engaged so that they feel safe and content in their own life experience. They want to strive to our heights not struggle to free themselves from the dead weight of our indifference. We are all buoys or anchors to everyone around us. Which one is determined by our thoughts, feelings and actions from moment to moment. Holidays and gatherings are opportunities to register ourselves in the memory banks of others as a being of loving kindness or something to endure. What we choose to do, think, feel, and be determines what kind of memory we will leave for those we hold dear. The best gift to give someone is to be a happy memory for them.

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Being Stubborn

There are some ornery characters on earth. They are so loving at the core but have piled on the pain life after life. Now when it is time to get themselves free, they are so wounded and defensive that they won’t allow any of the good things in. They are afraid to trust, they are afraid to love and they are afraid to have. Life has given them the whole “bait and switch” one too many times when it comes to receiving the fruits of living. They are afraid they are going to be duped once again. They blame life for withholding the things that they are afraid to accept. If this sounds even slightly familiar, here are some EFT taps that might be helpful. Enjoy! (Say each statement three times while tapping on your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.) I release saying “F@%K You” to Life. in all lifetimes. I release saying “F@%K You” to Love, in all lifetimes. I release saying “F@%K You” to Joy, in all lifetimes. I release saying “F@%K You” to Abundance, in all lifetimes. I release saying “F@%K You” to my loved ones, in all lifetimes. I […]

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