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The Other Side of the Door

Anything that happens short of an emergency, can be handled better from a non-reactive state. Unless there is a need to react immediately for safety, all else could be an unnecessary wear and tear on the emotions and mind. Our experiences do not define us. We do not own illness or problems. They are merely encouragement to step into a greater depth of awareness. My dear friend is battling with a diagnosis that requires proactive measures. It is a daily discipline to take inventory of why one wants to exist in the physical world. For her; a quiet, humble soul; she did not realize how many people care about her. She received such an outpouring of love and validation that she would never have received any other way. No matter what anyone is going through, they have the means to transcend it. Life is about strengthening us, not breaking us. We have all been broken in the past and those times may overwhelm the present. But we are here and present. That tells us that we have sufficed until this point. We have thrived. We are resilient. We are equipped. We are an infinite source of amazing. We are tapped […]

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Chasing Money

I recently had a private session with someone who was very concerned about having money. There was no financial struggle but sill the issue of money was always in the forefront. She sabotaged relationships if the suitor wasn’t affluent. She deferred to her parents way into her adulthood because they were rich. Happiness was elusive. In her session, it became clear that there was no separation made between happiness and money. She thought of them as the same. She did not think it was possible to have happiness without money. But I made her look at the situation a lot closer. She did know rich people who weren’t happy; so the words did NOT mean the same thing. She had chosen money over relationships. Yet that did not make her happy either. Happiness and money may be on parallel paths sometimes, but that doesn’t mean they are synonymous. I brought up the analogy of owning a dog. If your dog doesn’t come to you, and you chase after it, it will keep running away. This was similar to her relationship with money. She was chasing it and it was running away. If you want to get your dog back, you […]

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Separation Between the Past and Present

We are only still imprisoned by abuse if you go back to that place where and when it happened. If we stay in the present we win! We are free! Release the angst of it in the moment. Only go back to the abuse to scoop out the negativity of it and release it. Visiting the negativity into the present only creates a prison out of the present. When we visit the past upon the present, we use it to imprison ourselves. We become our own abusers.

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Self Putdowns

You know how annoying it is when someone brags about themselves? It is hard to listen to; right? Those of us who are aware, try to practice not bragging. If one doesn’t like bragging, they should be just as uncomfortable with self derogatory remarks. Self put-downs are the flip side of bragging. They both indicate an imbalance in the ego. If one doesn’t like to brag, they should also not like to diminish themselves with unflattering comments. When those two distinctions are blurred, both extremes will be met with equal disdain. Balance can be reinstated.

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Sinus Issues

During a private session, a core issue was revealed for one of my clients who suffers from sinus headaches. He had suffered with them for years even though his diet and other triggers were eliminated.  A past lifetime opened up where he had been bashed in the skull with a huge club. On some level it left him feeling unsafe and vulnerable. The body’s ultimate job is to keep functioning so we can continue to have physical experiences. There are many orifices in the body. Since he was killed by something smashing in his skull, his physical component strives to keep him more safe by filling up those orifices so it is harder to crush him when there is a blow. I have seen past lives where people are crushed in the rib cage and their lungs are crushed as well. Maybe people who have lung issues, besides looking at past lives of drowning and being suffocated, should look at being crushed to death as well. Here are some taps to try for such issues: (Say each statement three times while tapping your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping your chest.) I release the trauma of being […]

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