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The Other Side of the Door

Anything that happens short of an emergency, can be handled better from a non-reactive state. Unless there is a need to react immediately for safety, all else could be an unnecessary wear and tear on the emotions and mind. Our experiences do not define us. We do not own illness or problems. They are merely […]

My First Poem

This is the first poem that I wrote in this life. I was 9 years old. It is so true of my cyber family. I Love every one of you!


Some times I feel alone but I’m not For look at the wonderful family I’ve got Do I need them? Well, yes quite a […]

Chasing Money

I recently had a private session with someone who was very concerned about having money. There was no financial struggle but sill the issue of money was always in the forefront. She sabotaged relationships if the suitor wasn’t affluent. She deferred to her parents way into her adulthood because they were rich. Happiness was elusive.


Separation Between the Past and Present

We are only still imprisoned by abuse if you go back to that place where and when it happened. If we stay in the present we win! We are free! Release the angst of it in the moment. Only go back to the abuse to scoop out the negativity of it and release it.

Visiting […]

Self Putdowns

You know how annoying it is when someone brags about themselves? It is hard to listen to; right? Those of us who are aware, try to practice not bragging.

If one doesn’t like bragging, they should be just as uncomfortable with self derogatory remarks. Self put-downs are the flip side of bragging. They both indicate […]