Monthly Archives: January 2014

Being a Good Listener

There are different ways to listen to people. One way is to simply listen to the words that people are saying.  You can also listen to a person’s syntax or the caliber or the tone in which they speak. Pay attention to their body language and get a sense of how they are feeling, how they hold themselves […]

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Synthetic Happiness

I recently facilitated a session with a client and a huge distinction was made between Joy and Happiness. People are in joy and run after happiness. If someone leaves Joy to search for happiness, then happiness is a lie. That is what my client was struggling with. People think of happiness as the ultimate truth. […]

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Home Sickness

During a session once, I was tuning into a client and they seemed to have two parallel energy cores running through their body. We all have energy flowing into us that is received through the Crown Chakra (soft spot on a babies head) and flows through all the Chakras and aligns us with the energy […]

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Monkey Joy

A client came to me disturbed by threats from her ex husband’s family. It was causing a great reaction in her. They had threatened to take her home from her. Immediately my inner vision opened up to a scenario in a past life where she was a Hun. Her group had conquered a village and […]

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