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Being a Good Listener

There are different ways to listen to people. One way is to simply listen to the words that people are saying.  You can also listen to a person’s syntax or the caliber or the tone in which they speak. Pay attention to their body language and get a sense of how they are feeling, how they hold themselves during the connection. Do they look you in the eye, do they avoid contact. Are they speaking from the heart or are the words coming out automatically, like they have said these same words repeatedly. How do you feel listening to them? Is it comfortable? Or are you getting tired and want to pull away. What does your gut tell you? What does your heart feel? Is the person aware of what you are feeling or are they self-absorbed. Could they tell what they are telling you to anybody? Or do you hold certain value? Do you feel appreciated? Are you listening out of fascination? Is the conversation one-sided? Do you listen everyday to what you need? Do you pay attention to what the Universe is telling you? Do you get pleasure from each moment? Are your thoughts and emotions getting in the way of […]

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Synthetic Happiness

I recently facilitated a session with a client and a huge distinction was made between Joy and Happiness. People are in joy and run after happiness. If someone leaves Joy to search for happiness, then happiness is a lie. That is what my client was struggling with. People think of happiness as the ultimate truth. But happiness can have different grades, like sweetness. There is a huge difference between an organic pear and processed candy. One may prefer the candy but it leaves their taste buds distorted to not be able to taste the organic succor of the natural fruit. These are the world of duality; meaning every positive has an equal opposite. So happy stints will cycle into sad stints.. This is the cycle of life. The higher reality is contentment. Contentment is like the organic fruit. It is sweet and pleasant but we take it for granted and prefer the stimulating rush of the synthetic sugar. SO the problem with happiness is when people come out of their contentment to achieve the feeling of it. Feeling the happiness instead of being happy may be the difference between being grounded and centered and chasing a lie. Here are some […]

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Become a Toxic-Free Zone

People try to pull us into their drama. They try to get us to debate them or entice us with gossip. They try to pull us down to their level by piquing our curiosity, stroking our ego or stirring an emotional response. If we don’t respond, they get their feelings hurt. They may accuse us of cutting them off or acting superior. They may even accuse us of judging them. These are unconscious manipulative techniques to keep us engaged with them. Here are some responses to have handy to get yourself free: “I really don’t want to listen to others problems. I have enough on my plate with my own issues.” “I care about you, but you are not your problems. Let me hear about you”. “I don’t watch the news. Not interested.” “I don’t engage in current events, it is a waste of energy.” “I don’t talk about others. I don’t want them talking about me.” “What you are talking about makes me feel wilted. I will have to disengage soon.” “Tell me good things.” You can ignore all the negative statements and when they say something positive, reward them with being engaged. I use the following for shock […]

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Home Sickness

During a session once, I was tuning into a client and they seemed to have two parallel energy cores running through their body. We all have energy flowing into us that is received through the Crown Chakra (soft spot on a babies head) and flows through all the Chakras and aligns us with the energy of the Universe. I experience it as a column of energy. This client had two conflicting lines right next to each other. Each was trying to be dominant. The energy conflict was a manifestation of one of the big issues on her agenda. She was afraid of losing her home. The home is the outer source of recharging one’s energy. It is a form of comfort. But the true sanctuary of a person is in an existence that doesn’t rely on the outer home. This person has a rich spiritual life but they also rely heavily on their outer home for spiritual sustenance. This conflict was creating an inner split in her energy core and weakening her. When we put all our stock in the outward home, we can be devastated if our outer sanctuary is destroyed. To prevent this from happening, we must always […]

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Monkey Joy

A client came to me disturbed by threats from her ex husband’s family. It was causing a great reaction in her. They had threatened to take her home from her. Immediately my inner vision opened up to a scenario in a past life where she was a Hun. Her group had conquered a village and she was in the midst of them. She was the one who was threatening their well-being. The mere “memory” of her as the aggressor switched her out of victim mode so she was receptive to what came next. In that time they surrounded her and wore her down until one of them was able to pierce him (she was male) with a penetrating spear to the spine. I felt the blow. “Do you feel that pain on the right side of your lower spine?” I asked. She did. That was where a debilitating blow had landed in her body in that past life. It was what we were releasing. I felt the move through her hip area and an agility return that was missing. She confirmed that although she was very agile, her lower lumbar was always locked. She was amazed. She felt the shift. […]

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