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Become a Plant Whisperer

Jen and Simha

I got a nudge to go into a wholesale supermarket one day. There was something there, I sensed, that I was to pick up for my sister. Mentally, this seemed ridiculous because she doesn’t eat processed foods. But I have learned to listen to my nudges. (A nudge is that nagging sense within myself to […]

Technique to Love Those Who Have Crossed

Jen and Simha

If you have lost a pet or a person and want to give them love, send it to them by pouring love into those you have access to. It will be received by ones who have crossed over by using your tangible connections as a conduit and a surrogate.

Love is not linear so when […]

Healing Technique for the Planet

Jen and Simha

In the book The True Power of Water by Masaru Emoto, there are many photographs of the crystals of water when it is programmed with an uplifting word. There are photos of crystals in tap water from different cities and the photos showed murkiness and no form until they are programmed with an uplifting word […]


Jen and Simha

To have the sweet taste of gratitude always upon your tongue, A quiet resolve of peacefulness always in your heart, A light bounce of confidence always in your step, A melodic ring of enthusiasm always in your voice, To wear a subtle sign of accomplishment slightly above your brow, And walk with a gently worn […]

Utilizing Self-Energy

Jen and Simha

Sexual self-abuse is an issue for many. It is considered very shameful for some and is an energetic drain as well. When one partakes of pornography, it is like jumping into a powerful jet stream that is difficult to pull out of. The act of self-abuse can become a compulsion that is neither satisfying or […]