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The Dynamics

I open my heart to ease the pain of someone who is struggling. They feel better and are energetically uplifted. Then they see an opening and start talking about the negative that we just released. They pull it back and shove it into me. They aren’t trying to bring me down but that would be […]


It may sound strange but sometimes client’s past life memories reveals lifetimes on other planets. Many people feel like they don’t belong and that they think differently from others. They spend most of their life wondering why they are so different. They may even be homesick for a place that they have forgotten.

It is […]


In Neanderthal times, everyone in the tribe looked alike. Any one or anything that wasn’t familiar was determined a threat. The thinking process was very crude and reactionary. Everything was based on fear and survival. This is what people revert to when they are prejudiced.

There is no use in trying to convince people of […]

Akashic Records

As a teen, I discovered that if I looked intently at someone, I could see them at a different age than what they were in the present. If it was an old man I could see what he looked like as a child or a young adult. I could look at a baby and see […]

The Ungrateful Exchange

I once helped a psychic who was having troubles. She said she couldn’t afford the sessions so I was giving her assistance for free. On one hand she would tell me she bought this and bought that, but then remembered she wasn’t paying me so she caught herself and started to tell me how poor […]