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A Spirit of the Discarnated Persuasion (politically correct word for Ghost)

On the radio they were talking about a Halloween event where there were real ghosts on the property. It was the “draw”. Being one who is privy to the pain of other beings, and having the conscious memory of being a ghost myself, I was horrified. From my vantage point; he could have talked about any other group that was being exploited. He could have said, “come get pampered by real slaves”. There is such a disconnect from this issue and all the ramifications of it. A person who has not crossed over is trapped in a pain that is too horrific to imagine. Even if it is only an aspect of that person’s energy (which is sometimes the case); being a ghost is a living nightmare. Sometimes our own fears of being buried alive, being trapped in a coffin, being invisible and unheard, being paralyzed, reliving an unimaginable state of anguish, is our own memory of not crossing over. It is all fun and games until it becomes too real and one recognizes that the ghost is a regular person crying out for relief. If you sense a ghost, visualize yourself talking to them as the person they once were. […]

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Dealing with a Poltergeist

I had recently earned my massage license and had set up a room in my home to take in clients. The energy work couldn’t help but blend with the hands on work. My clients were treated to both if they wished; it was usually well received. It was a Saturday morning and my client was a young woman who had just turned twenty-one. She was out celebrating the night before and she seemed a little scattered when she arrived. She was typically so grounded so this was unusual. I was thinking that I could help her recollect herself by performing a gentle massage on her. She preferred a straight forward, physical massage; with no “energy” work involved. That was fine. That was what her belief system would allow. After a few moments on the table; a phenomena occurred. The Lights started to flicker on and off, the smoke detector started to beep simultaneously and my two dogs barked as if there was an intruder. It was alarming. We were both startled. We calmed ourselves and when I started up again, the same thing happened. We were both on edge. I went to look around. She did not want to be left […]

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Bliss After Murder

I had a revelation about people associating the accelerated heart rate (such as from being scared) with being murdered because those are the kinds of places I go with my clients. Those are the experiences that isolate people and make them think that they are so alone.. Because in the instance of being murdered, we are alone. And I do have a conscious memory of being murdered by my husband in one lifetime. There is a bliss after murder that the conscious memory forgets. Technique: When you are feeling anxious and scared and afraid you are going to die and having a panic attack: The belief is that you are going to die. Death is not the end but a doorway to a peaceful beginning. So when you are afraid you are going to die, say, “so what” to yourself. In that moment you are frozen in a state of terror. To pass through that state, visualize going past that moment of terror and into the bliss that ensues. This is a means of removing yourself from that pinnacle experience that is paralyzing you in fear. See the trauma and fear and horror slipping away as you move towards Love […]

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When a diagnosis is given, the person is usually blindsided. Then come the procedures. Procedures are intrusions to the body. All through history, cutting and probing the body was not a good thing. It meant death or torture. That is how the subconscious is wired to consider such invasions. It is very important to talk to your own body and let it know what is happening. Make sure that you explain to it that you are not allowing it to be hurt but are trying to help it. Pamper yourself, and give yourself extra love to help your body respond better for you. One would think the body would know everything because it is present during the doctor’s visits. But the body does not think. That is the mind. If one is not totally connected via body and mind then the body is left in the dark and may get its information through the thoughts and emotions. If one can think their thoughts positive and their emotions uplifting, then the body will be more resilient.

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How and Why to Emote

Have you ever had someone talk to you or felt someones annoyance at you while driving? Did you start to feel bad? It can also happen when someone is telling you all the bad things that are happening in their life. They are  dumping energy on you they don’t want. For many, they don’t realize how habitually they do this so it starts happening spontaneously when people just are nearby them. Try this while you are driving. When someone is annoying you in traffic, instead of sending anger back at them; emote noise. Like throaty little growl. What this does is dissipate the energy that they are trying to push on you. It is processed; gone! After you realize this dynamic of feeling it and releasing it, you can do it under different circumstances. You can even learn to tune into people’s pain and dissipate it; like I do. It is a great way to reduce the dis-ease in ourselves, others and dynamics. Let me hear you roar!

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