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A Spirit of the Discarnated Persuasion (politically correct word for Ghost)

On the radio they were talking about a Halloween event where there were real ghosts on the property. It was the “draw”. Being one who is privy to the pain of other beings, and having the conscious memory of being a ghost myself, I was horrified. From my vantage point; he could have talked about […]

Dealing with a Poltergeist

I had recently earned my massage license and had set up a room in my home to take in clients. The energy work couldn’t help but blend with the hands on work. My clients were treated to both if they wished; it was usually well received.

It was a Saturday morning and my client was […]

Bliss After Murder

I had a revelation about people associating the accelerated heart rate (such as from being scared) with being murdered because those are the kinds of places I go with my clients. Those are the experiences that isolate people and make them think that they are so alone.. Because in the instance of being murdered, we […]


When a diagnosis is given, the person is usually blindsided. Then come the procedures. Procedures are intrusions to the body. All through history, cutting and probing the body was not a good thing. It meant death or torture. That is how the subconscious is wired to consider such invasions.

It is very important to talk […]

How and Why to Emote

Have you ever had someone talk to you or felt someones annoyance at you while driving? Did you start to feel bad? It can also happen when someone is telling you all the bad things that are happening in their life. They are dumping energy on you they don’t want. For many, they don’t realize […]