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The Depressed Parakeet

I once facilitated a session for a parakeet that was losing her feathers. She was terribly depressed about not being a free bird. She desperately wanted to be back in the jungle with all her friends. It was very sad. She was making herself sick. She wanted to die and be born back into the wild. I tried to console her by showing her how she was learning by being around people. It was tough love for a little bird.  She begged to be back in the jungle. I did what I could to release her angst and tune her into the energy of the jungle. I suggested her humans play jungle sounds for her to listen to and to get pictures of the jungle to decorate the cage. Her health returned somewhat for a while but she soon got sick and died. It was her way to gain freedom. I only hope that other caged birds are a little more satisfied with their lot in life. The thought of all pet birds being this unhappy is too hard to bear.

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The Offended Mule

A woman hired me to do a remote session with her three horses. They all had different personalities and had something different to convey during our interaction. I removed an issue in one of their legs. But the most “verbal” presence in the call was a fourth party. It was the woman’s pet mule. The mule didn’t appreciate not being included in having everything the horses had.  It was hurt at being treated like a second class citizen.  The woman was a very compassionate, thoughtful person but it never even occurred to her to treat the mule the same. So in the session, the mule had a list of demands that would help it feel as important as the others. It wanted the same amount of treats and to be in the same barn as the horses and it also wanted this one special item. It wanted a woven striped blanket to wear over his back to feel special. She wasn’t sure where he saw such a blanket but he described what he wanted. After the session I was happy to hear that the horses leg was better and that the mule got all the demands that he asked for […]

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Feral Kittens

A woman contacted me who had a litter of feral kittens. She was trying to love them but they would not come near her. There were two that were close to being coaxed into being tame. But they still had a long way to go.  I tuned into the kittens. It seemed like they were wild all their past lives and this was their first experience with being domesticated. They wanted to have that experience but they just didn’t understand it. I shared information with them and taught them the energy of being tamed. As I tuned in, I realized that they were much more vulnerable than domesticated cats. The woman contacted me a week later. Almost immediately after the phone session, the kittens did an about-face. It took them just over night to become total lap cats. In fact, the two that were most feral now were the most demonstrative and would relentlessly follow her around the house. I would LOVE to teach this technique to others so more feral cats could experience human Love.  

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Being Reunited

A man contacted me devastated that his beloved dog had died too soon. He was heartbroken. It is difficult to comfort someone who has just experienced a great loss. I had a nudge to tell him to look for his dog to come back in a puppy body. He was skeptical but his pain opened him up to the possibility. That may be the real purpose of pain. He actually had a puppy reserved from a litter that was going to be born soon. It was to be a companion for his dog that had just died. He was skeptical but hopeful that maybe his beloved could return to him. He wondered how he would even know. A month later he contacted me. He was very grateful. When he picked up his puppy and looked into its eyes, he just knew that it was his beloved dog in a new body! Having this puppy was something that he had already set in motion. But now he was more aware of how love had returned to him. I believe this happens more than people realize. Here is to staying open to possibilities.

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Horse Healing

I was commissioned to assist a horse farm in trouble. My client was the third generation owner of a farm that was struggling. She was getting creative in trying to help it thrive. When I got to the land it “spoke” to me almost immediately. I perceived generations of dedicated hands working and dying interacting with the horses all of their days. It was a different mentality in the past. Horses may or may not have been respected. They were definitely treated as property and not living beings with feelings and preferences. I felt the land’s potential being clouded by the past. I also sensed a stubborn farm hand who was hell-bent on resisting change. His energy was very present in the big barn. He most likely was ingrained there and was resistant to change as his way of helping the farm. The way it played out was that this woman’s relatives were resistant to her creative ideas and working against progress. It was affecting the horses as well. I performed energetic releases on 17 horses. As I tuned into one and conveyed their angst and released their aches and pains, the next one wanted to be heard. I could not […]

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