Monthly Archives: August 2013


A man came to me who was dealing with grave issues that were getting in the way of his quality of life. Two of them were: extreme panic attacks and extreme fear of hospitals or anything of a medical nature. Also he had this aversion to being a parent. It took many sessions to peel […]

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A woman on the other side of the country rescued a horse that was badly abused. It was born wild. The people who had it, kept it tied very tight to a fence as a form of control. They kept it so tight that imprints from the fence were embedded into the horse’s body. They […]

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Sibling Rivalry

A very open research doctor brought his ten-year old boy to me for a neuromuscular issue. In a session, the whole person is addressed so another issue surfaced. He didn’t get along with his much younger sister. They were like oil and water. Because they were both great kids, it was chalked up as sibling […]

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Learning from Past Life Memories

I have had a few past life memories of dying. Each of them were under different conditions and each of them taught me more about myself in this lifetime and assist with my current work. The first scenario was me in a farmhouse. I was waiting washing dishes and waiting for my husband to come […]

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