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A man came to me who was dealing with grave issues that were getting in the way of his quality of life. Two of them were: extreme panic attacks and extreme fear of hospitals or anything of a medical nature. Also he had this aversion to being a parent. It took many sessions to peel away an underlying lifetime. I saw how difficult it was for him to get himself to work in this life and how it mimicked the same difficulty in a past life. But in the past lifetime he had definite reasons for not wanting to venture out. In a past life he was Jewish in a German occupied country. He was in hiding with his children. They had started rounding up Jews and putting them in camps. He knew of this and was relatively safe in hiding as long as he didn’t venture out. If it was just him, he could go months without supplies but the children needed food regularly. He knew if he ventured out, he could be arrested on the spot. But his children were hungry and watching them go without was unbearable. One day he struggled with this very dilemma, to go […]

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A woman on the other side of the country rescued a horse that was badly abused. It was born wild. The people who had it, kept it tied very tight to a fence as a form of control. They kept it so tight that imprints from the fence were embedded into the horse’s body. They were going to shoot it in the head and be done with it. This wonderful woman was willing to adopt it and spend its life trying to rehabilitate it. She would report about the hopelessness of the situation and the lack of progress on twitter. She could not even get near the 3 yr old and was discouraged. I offered my services. In the remote session. I tuned into the horse right away. She was born wild and was pretty standoffish with the other horses because she felt better than them. This didn’t go over too well with them and so she had no friends among the other horses. She knew about red and white peppermint from the other horses and was curious about it. I brought this up to the woman and she laughed. The horses would get candy canes at the holidays. The […]

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Sibling Rivalry

A very open research doctor brought his ten-year old boy to me for a neuromuscular issue. In a session, the whole person is addressed so another issue surfaced. He didn’t get along with his much younger sister. They were like oil and water. Because they were both great kids, it was chalked up as sibling rivalry. But the father was concerned about the boy’s intense sleep walking.  In the middle of the night, he would sleep walk in such a deep state that he could not be stirred. It was unsettling to the parents. As I tuned in, a past life with the two children was revealed. They were in the water together and there was such jealousy and hatred for the younger sister that he drowned her. It was premeditated. As difficult as it was, with the father by his side, I lead the boy through a series of EFT taps; one of them was, “I release the guilt and trauma of killing my sister, in all lifetimes”. He cried, and it was very difficult. It wasn’t until then that the father revealed that the sleep walking trances would end with the boy just standing over his younger sister as she slept […]

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The Horror of Racing Dogs

A woman brought her rescued greyhound to me. Doing so was far outside of her comfort zone because her husband was a pastor of a popular local church. But the dog was having grand mal seizures regularly and was on such a high dosage of medication that is was too much for his body to withstand. In the session, I laid on the floor with him and tuned into what was going on. It was very easy because the trauma consumed him. I saw the life of a racing dog first hand. He was kept in a dark room with a bunch of other crates. He could see the moon obliquely out a high window which suggested he, and many others were all kept in a basement.  There was no love, no interaction except for the running. There was no joy in the running. He was a sensitive soul and it was pure adrenaline and angst that motivated him. The caretaker was a dark ominous figure that was very cruel. The dogs were beaten and kicked often if they didn’t win. It seemed that the dogs were on some rotational schedule because he watched other dogs go out to race […]

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Learning from Past Life Memories

I have had a few past life memories of dying. Each of them were under different conditions and each of them taught me more about myself in this lifetime and assist with my current work. The first scenario was me in a farmhouse. I was waiting washing dishes and waiting for my husband to come home. I was doing dishes as I looked out the window waiting for him to come home. But the scenario got crazy. I was suddenly running for my life. I was running out of the house and into the barn for safety. But as I got to the barn I was struck down by the ax that my husband was carrying. He planted it in my back. There was the blow, then blackness and then the scenario became peaceful and I was floating across a river. I was murdered by my husband in that lifetime. I learned from that experience that peace follows any trauma. The second scenario was wartime. I was a soldier in active combat. I was at the front of the attack hiding behind trees and a shed. I was very good at what I did and was way in front of […]

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