Monthly Archives: June 2013

Recharge It!

The human energy field is electromagnetic. Magnets repel or attract other magnets. And electric bodies (batteries) can either charge or drain others. Venting and dumping problems and complaining is a a sure way to repel and drain others. Others can charge you up once and awhile but eventually they will have to pull away. It is irresponsible to continue to drain the charge of those who are close or sympathetic to you. Many people drain others on social media. They post about complaints and problems and may feel better to them but the rest of us feel a little less after reading their posts. Instead of learning to plug in one’s own battery, they drain the life force of others. It is good to know what type of energy system you are. There are a billion ways to recharge one’s battery. Plugging into the source through meditation or prayer is a great way to recharge. Doing what one loves and having gratitude all charge the battery. Nature is an infinite source of energy and does not judge issues as good or bad. It just seems to recycle everything into a positive charge. Eating healthy food and water and feeling good […]

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