Monthly Archives: May 2013

Regaining Power

The concept of power is hardly ever explored but in actuality, it is what drives most people. Some people associate it with freedom, some are afraid of abusing it and some people treat it as a commodity. Throughout our past lives we have at times both abused power and felt powerless. It is easy to tell which a person is grappling with in this life by their behavior. Those of us who have played the power game and have acted out the scenarios of war and abuse in many lifetimes, are interested in nothing more than peace. Those of us who are digging in our heels and afraid of being subjugated either have a fear of losing power or a have a thirst for more. I think if there is an evil, it would be in using others’ fear to manipulate them into giving up what little power they have in exchange for the illusion of having more. Once someone gives up their rights, it is much more difficult to get them back. Health, peace of mind, and even fresh water were once the norm. But now to have any one of those, we have to work diligently. We have […]

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