Monthly Archives: January 2013


Have you ever had someone do something for you and the whole time they did it, they reminded you of how much it put them out? While they may have been helping physically, it felt uncomfortable to be around them. People can actually make the experience so uncomfortable that the very act of receiving their help is constricting. These people either consciously or unconsciously use such situations to make you feel small and constrict the freedom that should be present in any interaction. You probably know someone else who will do anything they can for you and always make it feel effortless. They always make you feel like you can ask them anything with no judgment or discomfort. These are the people that seem to have it all together. They aren’t seething with anger and when they help, there are no passive aggressive manipulations involved: no guilt trips going on. The second type of person lives in a state of graciousness. Obviously, this is the type of person that is better to be around. Even better, this is the type of person that it is worth striving to be.  There is much more freedom in the state of graciousness than in the […]

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