Monthly Archives: December 2012

A Tiny Fleet of Angels

A tiny Fleet of Angels Graced the World one day Seven years they walked the earth Immersed in children’s play We thought we knew their purpose ‘To nurture and uplift Each assigned a special family With which to share their gifts Each child is like a song of God A sacred Celestial tune But the music ended abruptly one day God called them home too soon Now the world feels cheated Because of what transpired How could God so cruelly take, What heaven has inspired? But The world had gone complacent Indifferent to the core With this devastating wake-up call May the golden rule be re-instored. God, as an Infinite Wisdom Set sights on something Grand To restore the milk of human kindness In the brotherhood of man These children are etched in our hearts On a canvas made of pain But where the gully of anguish is carved Their innocence remains. This tiny fleet of Angels That reawakened the heart of man Is the golden Instrument to gauge Where Peace on Earth began Jen Ward

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