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Teleconference Number Two!

The topics for Teleconference Number Two will be: Food, Money and Relationships Join “The Jenuine Initiative” and Jen Ward, LMT for a unique interactive group healing session involving sound therapy, cranial taps and affirmations. WHY JOIN? Shift back into love and your highest potential Release fear and clear stagnant energy Be empowered and confident in your life Support the enlightenment of others + the world REGISTER HERE: (note: if you registered for the last call you can use the same number) SUGGESTED DONATION All Are Welcome! Suggested donation of $10-$50. Donations may be made at There is a spiritual Law that states that every gift must be paid for in full. Nothing is free. The energy work seems to be much more effective when there is a true appreciation and an energy exchange for the gifts received. When there is a value assigned to the session’s worth, then they seem to work more exponentially. There is a donate button on my site where people can sign up and make a donation. When someone connects, I can get a sense of them and the group dynamic more and can more easily tune into their needs and what needs to be released. […]

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