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When it Comes to a Pet, Let Love Choose For You

Here is some advice for people who may want an addition to the family but may not know how to choose. The first rule is: Don’t let fear decide by default. There are some people that love cats but are afraid of the litter box. Great strides have been made in litter box technology to make it easy to have a cat in the house without odor or mess. The litter box doesn’t have to be a deterrent. Stop believing the excuse you have made up to prevent you from getting a pet: Many people tell themselves a story of why a pet is better off without them. They actually believe that they are not capable of giving a pet a loving home. This is a lie they tell themselves many times to prevent themselves from opening up to Love. They believe it, but it is still a form of feeling unworthy. This unworthiness manifests as a bunch of reasons they can’t have a pet. They can think up many excuses. But that is the lie. Challenge each excuse and it will come up to not be consequential. Love can always prevail. One excuse that people believe is that they […]

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Are you ready to Release Fear and Live in Love?

Shift back into love and your highest potential. Release fear and clear stagnant energy. Be empowered in your life and better able to support the enlightenment of others. This Saturday, October 20th from 1pm to 4pm, join Jen for a unique interactive group healing session involving sound therapy, cranial taps and affirmations. Jen is a Reiki Master, Psychic, Medium, Empathic and she is considered a Sangoma, a traditional African Shaman who channels their ancestors, emoting sounds and vocalizations in their ceremonies. All are welcome and we suggest a donation of $10-$50. Register Today!

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Jenuine Initiative

Right now there is a shift happening in the world. Love and freedom are on the rise. Some people are terrified of inevitable global changes and how they will affect their lives. They are hanging on to old beliefs and trying fervently to prevent change. Their motives may seem like power struggles but many are mainly based in fear. There is another group that is feeling that they have special gifts of insight or healing and that they don’t know where to go for answers or how to improve their skills. They need someone to encourage and teach them without a hidden agenda or needing them to ascribe to a certain doctrine. They are very savvy with ego driven motives and tend to keep their revelations to themselves. Many people feel like victims in their own lives and are tired of being pawns in societal power plays and are striving for a life that matters. They are starving for spiritual freedom, truth and self-empowerment. There is a spiritual revolution happening and many are drawn innately to be a part of it, in their own individual way. There are those fighting for causes without seeming to get anywhere. They are realizing […]

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