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An Open Letter to World Leaders

Dear Leaders, Since your job may be removed from life of the average person, you may be slightly off target about what the public requires from you.  I feel compelled to enlighten you. There’s a general understanding that you got into the position of leadership by using your special skillset that brought you a certain advantage. We appreciate you trying to make a positive difference in the world, if this is truly your goal. But we understand that there are negative currents that you are riding in and it is difficult for most to stay true to their conviction as they strive for such a position of importance. More and more, we citizens of the world are feeling like pawns in the power plays of others. This leaves us angry and we compensate by sniping at our neighbor rather than creating solutions that work for all of us. Can we get back to a place of cohesivness please? We need to be validated and respected. Also, we, the people, have become very savvy. We know what we want in the world and we are frustrated by our lack of voice, inability to articulate, and a growing belief that we are […]

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What Love Can Do

I will listen to and help anyone I can regardless if it is a person, animal or foliage. Yes, plants speak as well as animals if someone is listening. If no one listens, I am not certain if they speak so much. Maybe they give up being heard, just like people and pets do.  Some of the plants at my sister’s house tell me when she doesn’t give them individualized attention. One was very thirsty and told me so. She got embarrassed and called it a tattletale as she watered it. There was a grove of trees that I would commune with every day as I walked my roommate, Simha (a lab mix). They brought us both comfort for different reasons. At the end of the row was a medium sized maple tree that was just covered with grapevines. It was suffocating and kept from growing by the vines holding it down. I really wanted to get some of the grapevines off the tree because I have known for years that most trees don’t like the vines growing on them (it’s like wearing an itchy sweater when they are wrapped around their trunk) and these vines were killing this maple […]

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Making Waves!

Hello Friends! I want to let you know about a new radio show that I’m doing with my friend Lisa Ostrander. Lisa is working with me on our first show which is coming soon. You will be able to use any of these links to listen. Stay in touch with our Facebook Page for news. Stay tuned for the Jenuine Healing Internet Radio Show! Listen to this station using Windows Media Player Listen to this station using Real Player Listen to this station

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