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What is it like to have a session with me?

It is difficult to describe what transpires in a session. Sometimes it feels like an extension of what is explained in A Course in Miracles. It feels like in a session, I stand in the center of this calm place of healing and knowingness and I invite the client into that place.

In the Center, […]

An Enthusiastic Endorsement

Hi Guys!

This is a personal message more than a blog post, but I am very excited! My brother’s wife wrote a book that is AMAZING! I can’t say enough about it! It is a Love Story that transcends dimensions. It is an uplifting book and if I had to sum it up on one […]

Online Dating Scammers

The way society has progressed, people looking for a love interest are almost forced to search on-line dating sites to meet someone. It is the most convenient means of finding someone without stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

Online dating sites are a useful tool and many have found a long term relationships from visiting […]

An Astral Predator

I recently had a guy who wanted me to help him with boundary issues. He would pick partners that were unavailable and after they were together, he lost complete interest in them. It left him feeling lonely and broken but he was compelled to repeat this pattern. At first I refused to talk to him […]