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What is it like to have a session with me?

It is difficult to describe what transpires in a session. Sometimes it feels like an extension of what is explained in A Course in Miracles. It feels like in a session, I stand in the center of this calm place of healing and knowingness and I invite the client into that place. In the Center, there is an overview of the client in their natural state of peace. I then point out the issues that have been a reoccurring theme in many of their lifetimes. I use the images that I see to create very specific EFT taps for the person. By repeating a specific statement while tapping the cranium, the person is actually shifting their own energy into alignment with a universal peace, which is their natural state. For example, if someone is afraid of having their neck touched, I may get a sense of the causes. I would describe to them the scenarios where they were decapitated or hung. This sounds very scary in itself. But that is because it may be relevant. They are carrying around the fear of these past times. We just bring the fear to the surface and I am able to draw the […]

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An Enthusiastic Endorsement

Hi Guys! This is a personal message more than a blog post, but I am very excited! My brother’s wife wrote a book that is AMAZING! I can’t say enough about it! It is a Love Story that transcends dimensions. It is an uplifting book and if I had to sum it up on one sentence, it would be this:  Be excited about the Future once again! You can find it at the publisher’s website here: Thank you so so much! Love, Jen! Sunshine Before the Dawn

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Online Dating Scammers

The way society has progressed, people looking for a love interest are almost forced to search on-line dating sites to meet someone. It is the most convenient means of finding someone without stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Online dating sites are a useful tool and many have found a long term relationships from visiting them. But there is a vulnerability associated with subscribing to them. If people felt comfortable “putting themselves out there”, they would most likely have the skills necessary to meet someone through more traditional means. But if someone hasn’t met a mate in school or work, they may have to rely on someone to fix them up or just pray to that fate has someone in mind for them. Online dating is a necessary tool for many. The sad thing is that there are always opportunists ready to exploit the need or vulnerability of others. And the thing that makes online dating agreeable is the same thing that leaves one vulnerable. It’s done with no one to oversee your safety, or to be your better judgment. There is no one to tell you that what is too good to be true usually is. Before getting vested […]

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An Astral Predator

I recently had a guy who wanted me to help him with boundary issues. He would pick partners that were unavailable and after they were together, he lost complete interest in them. It left him feeling lonely and broken but he was compelled to repeat this pattern. At first I refused to talk to him and this infuriated him. He was so upset and angry that he felt devastated. He went from portraying himself as a helpless victim, to someone who was used to getting his way and was finally refused. The rage was incredible. After months of him begging to talk to me, I got the nudge to speak with him on the phone.  It was really strange because I was feeling sexually aroused by the thought of it, yet I was only calling to assist him. My own reaction was curious to me. When we talked for the first time, I felt his astral hands all over my body. He was moving his hands up and down my sides from my hips to my breasts. He was talking sweet to me and very happy to be connecting. “Do you know you that you are manhandling me right now?”  […]

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