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War Pain

I just did a session on a woman who had debilitating pain restriction which she credited to arthritis. It was consuming her life. Nothing could be as bad and devastating to her as being stricken with this issue. I dismissed it. Not out of lack of compassion but out of an understanding of the correlation between past trauma and physical pain. When I first tuned into her, she was energetically curled up in a ball. It was difficult to get a read on anything because she was so closed that she had no energetic fluidity. The image came to mind of one of those bugs that curl up into a ball when danger is near. How can anyone function in that state? In the first session, she felt remarkably lighter as I experienced the ball uncurl and seem elongated like how I imagine a healthy energy system to be. But there was no fluidity yet. The things we released for her were very important and relative to her health but were inconsequential to what we would release the next session. Because she felt better from the first session (energetically) she started to reveal things to me, that assisted me in […]

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Identifying with Gender Confusion

The difficulty with being raised in a stringent society is that there is no room to validate your inner experiences if they are not aligned or if they deviate from what is accepted or expected. This can be part of your spiritual lessons; to see if you are going to take a passive approach to life and believe what you are told or are you going to listen to the callings of your heart and believe what your gut is telling you? It is easier to be brave on the battle field than it is to be true to yourself and listen to the whisperings of your inner spirit. Many people are unhappy because they stay with the wrong person (or belief) due to a sense of obligation. They feel guilt in regards to who they love and surrender themselves to at least one lifetime of complacency.  They become afraid of their own inner experiences when it comes to something as natural as attraction. Here is another vantage point on sexual attraction. We in this society are so compartmentalized when it comes to attraction. We have to label ourselves heterosexual, gay, straight, cross gender and as having gender confusion.  I […]

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