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The Correlation between Dieting and Emotional Issues

There are those of us who don’t listen to the experts and realize that we just may know more about ourselves that they do. Dieting is a subject that is very personal. If some can be fit and lean, why can’t everyone? There are elements of this issue that may be missing and clinicians may not address correctly. Specifically, these are the emotional component of dieting and a person’s unique individual history with food. There are two truths to our condition that affect our fat storage that are overlooked. One is that many of us have starved to death in previous lives. The other is that it is a primal instinct to forage for food. I believe one or both of these components come into play with compulsive eating. They can elevate the importance of the next binge to something close to a life and death situation, and that is a strong compulsion to overcome merely with self-discipline. Biologically and emotionally, fat is a form of insulation. It is soft and expansive and I believe it is what we use as a storing tank for all our emotional issues. It is no different than someone filling their house with “stuff” […]

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