Monthly Archives: November 2011

Actualizing Self Love

It seems like many of us are a living oxymoron. W spend so much of the human experience searching for True Love and at the same time we expend so much thought energy diminishing ourselves and sabotaging our success. False modesty and humility, it seems, have been so ingrained in our DNA that it takes a lot to override the compulsion to think ill of ourselves.  We believe that to be humble that we have to diminish ourselves. But humility should be gained from a point of strength rather than of weakness. Instead of lowering the bar and seeing yourself as worthless, why not see yourself as dynamic AND ALSO… see that potential in everyone else. That is a definition of humility that actually has a positive purpose. All the people who are looking for Love, may do better to look in the one place that is so difficult to focus on. Why not discover Love from within?  It may sound cliché’ but there really is a well of joy, contentment and sense of fulfillment by realizing one’s own innate potential and making a habit of manifesting it. It may just be the missing link in finding the Love of […]

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Sensitive Children

A sensitive child is so tuned in to other’s needs that they make take on the responsibility as the caretaker. It is sweet to have a thoughtful child but the pressure for them, especially as they grow and become aware of the world around them, could be unbearable. Make sure to BE the parent. Reassure your child many times and many ways that it is not their responsibility to take care of the parent or even the sibling. Don’t give them access to family worries and problems. They could obsess over how to solve things that they cannot.

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