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Insights On Adoptive Families

Many people explain a feeling of being different because they were adopted. It has caused some of them to feel like they have lost a connection with a huge part of themselves. It has caused them to overcompensate in order to feel loved or to isolate or lash out against their adoptive parents. They feel the need to test the Love. What all people need to realize is that everyone feels different or separate for one reason or another. It is the human condition. Everyone is exactly where they need to be for the most spiritual growth and that all are connected to the Universal source as much as the next person. When someone doesn’t feel connected or feel the Love it is because of something in their own belief system. The Universe always supplies unlimited Love to all; it is our willingness to accept it that could be strengthened. There is a string of Love between each mother and the child she births. In some cases, the mother has a good understanding of what circumstances she will be giving to the child and opts to pass the baby on to better circumstances. This is an act of Love. The […]

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