Monthly Archives: August 2011

What if?

Maybe the basic ideology as a whole is partly to blame for all the issues that are affecting our society these days. In the good old days, moral fiber was held in place by our fear of God. But as we evolve as a species, it seems that many of us can’t fathom God as having anything but Loving attributes. As a result, the fear of God has lost some of it’s effectiveness in helping us maintain our moral fiber. What can be an effective motivator to regulate human behavior if not fear? Maybe if society adopted a slightly different belief system, it would change out of pure selfishness. What if the western world embraced the concept of reincarnation? Maybe some of the societal issues would dry up of their own accord. If western society accepted reincarnation as a basic truth, here are some changes that may lighten the burden on society: The environment would be treated with much more reverence. Only the most greedy and selfish would not take heed of the conditions they were creating for themselves to be born back into in the future. War would become viewed as redundant exercise in futility that it actually is. […]

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An Aspect of Nature

Living in a building, driving on concrete, wearing the garb that society expects of us makes it difficult to remember that we are part of the natural order of life. We are nature itself. We don’t need to “get back to Nature”. We just need to remember who we are. Everything in society that is synthetic was still made from the materials at hand. Every chemical, every fiber was created by the same brain that invented the wheel lifetimes ago. Human processes are not separate from nature; they are a product of it. Why is this important to realize? Because so many people feel separate from nature. And because they feel separate from nature, they may feel lost or separate from life. It is impossible to separate yourself from life as long as you must take breath into your lungs. That simple act is an intimate exchange with the trees and foliage of the planet. The next time you feel separate from nature, know that the same sun that heats the earth is also providing nutrition to your body to keep it healthy. The same wind that sweeps across the planet is also feeding your body the oxygen it needs. […]

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