Monthly Archives: June 2011

A Sense of Belonging

As humans we are primaly motivated to belong to a group. It elicits a sense of security, identity and promotes survival. In the wild, a herding animal is attacked when it separates from the herd. So the most instinctual behavior is to blend within the herd and mute ourselves so that we are camouflaged within the group. This is a great tactic for primordial survival. But what about spiritual survival?

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Self Healing Session

Every single person who has their first session with me says similar things: “This is not what I expected”, “Wow, I feel so much lighter and can breathe again”, “This is amazing to feel so much better”. I am used to it. Many people who have been doing spiritual work ask me if I have read this or followed this. I know of a lot of different modalities but by practicing them innately, not by learning about them from someone else. The people who ask me what I have studied relate to the sessions at such a deep level that they think of the most profound teaching they have encountered and relate it to our session. It is their common ground. But the real common ground is a deep spiritual Love. I have always loved people and have always had this deep desire to help anybody that I love. In this need to Love and help has developed this healing modality that is a compilation of many other modalities. The core to the session is a deep listening to the true self of a person and reiterating back to them what they have been denying them self. I am able […]

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