Monthly Archives: May 2011

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks happen when your true self outgrows the overlord of the mind. The mind wants to keep the status quo so that way there are no surprises. It knows what to expect and how to deal with it. It is in its comfort zone.

But the true self wants freedom. It wants to be able to stretch to a greater capacity. It wants to explore experiences that it never had before. That’s the purpose of living, right? So the true self is basically standing up to the mind and its limitations. This feeling can be as scary as a teenager standing up to strict parents for the first time and worrying what the reality will be if they cut off their control.

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A New Approach to Healthy Living ~ The Thought Diet

I have a great plan to help people lose weight, avoid bouts of depression and to help them in relationships and with their over-all well being. Rather than being concerned with all the outer stimuli in your environment, how about if you paid total attention to how you process it. For instance, every time you […]

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