Monthly Archives: April 2011

Human Nature

People at the core are loving helpful beings. But they have been so scarred and wounded by life that they are afraid to show vulnerability in any way. Cynicism has reached an all time high. Cynicism is a boundary of the personal self run amuck. People have been so personally battered that once their red flags go off they are afraid to trust even what they know is good and kind in the world. Unfortunately, most people are a mine field of red flags these days. It is not their fault but what to do about changing it? Recently I have become resolved to assist my boyfriend in a company that provides cheaper utility rates to the client. It is a new endeavor for him and it is joyful to see him excited and hopeful about something. I have signed up as a marketing consultant to support him. Since we are only asking people to save money on their utility bills with the added bonus of a free three day two night trip, there seems no offense. Except in the cynicism. I have watched as this good man has given over his days and nights to help others in need. […]

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Self Assertion

Self assertion is a good thing to teach a child who is getting bullied on the playground. Self assertion is being diligent of ones own boundaries. When someone takes something from us or is not respectful of our personal space, the other person is stepping over the boundaries of our energy field. We all are an orb of energy that not only encompasses our physical body, but also all our emotions, experiences, thoughts and even aspirations. When anyone tramples over any of these things, they are trespassing in our personal space. Self assertion is being aware of where the subtle boundaries of our self are and not allowing anyone to trespass over them. It takes courage to defend our physical boundaries and yet it takes more courage and awareness to defend our more subtle boundaries. Parents are used to being in their children’s energy field when they are young, but as soon as the child develops individuality apart from the parent, the child works diligently to defend their boundaries against the intrusion of the parents. They can seem almost ruthless in their ability to defend their boundaries. Maybe if the parent realizes that this is necessary for the child’s development, […]

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