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The opposite of Love is fear. The opposite of fear is Love. If you don’t think so, try an experiment. Use Love to face a fear. I taught myself this technique to overcome a deathly fear of spiders when I was younger. I remember once there was a spider crawling around on my ceiling. I was terrified. So instead of killing it, as would be acceptable to many, I named him. I named him Black Bart. He was a wise old soul. I talked to him in my mind: I asked him to go away. He listened. He asked me, “Why?” “Because I am afraid of you,” I said. He answered, “If you are afraid of me, then why are you talking to me?” He had a point. The communication created a connection that surprised me and dissipated the fear. He did as I asked and disappeared. I didn’t have to see him again. I was a little bit disappointed. Fear has been used as a form of control throughout time. With advancements in multimedia technology, it has reached heightened and even epidemic proportions. To be effective, fear mongers have upped the ante on what is at stake. In the […]

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