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Choosing Love

What if you had some one out there who was the Love of Your life many times.  The mere thought of them brought you such joy and being separated made you wilt with sadness.  What if they came to you beyond time and space and said,”I can’t be your lover in this life but I want to be near you…as close as possible. I want to feel your body in a totally different way.  I want to feel totally protected and safe in your arms and to be free to express who I am more completely than I ever have.  Will you help me?  Will you make room for me in your life? Can you love me in a different way?  I may not be in a perfect body. I have lessons to learn. You said at one point that you would do anything you could for me. Would you do this for me? Would you be my parent? What if your Love came to you in a dream and said, “It is too stressful to be human but I so desperately want to be with you. If I come to you in a different form, will you take care of […]

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Do Animals Have Feelings?

Red - A golden retriever in Muncie, IN

Do animals have emotions? A lot of people believe not. But anyone who has loved a pet as a dear family member will argue the point. Some doctrines teach that animals aren’t human so they don’t have a soul. Some teach that animals don’t go to heaven. It is easier to accept this belief because the alternative – knowing that such loving compassionate beings are aware and insightful are mistreated – is unbearable to the human mind. Imagine a little boy dumped out on the street to survive for himself. Imagine he has not developed the skills necessary to care for himself. Yet he is left to the street to live or die until someone takes pity on him. This happens in your neighborhood all the time to many cats and dogs. Imagine a girl just reaching puberty forced to have baby after baby until she is too tired to continue the cycle. Then she is discarded and replaced with a younger version of herself. This is condoned all the time in the pet industry. It is legal to treat pets this way. When slavery was legal, it was a common belief that the slaves weren’t human. This was a […]

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The Spiritual Law of Non Interference

Spiritual Laws are as exacting as the law of gravity. Many are over looked but none as far reaching as The Spiritual Law of Non-Interference. Simply stated, this law means that one does not interfere in the Spiritual affairs of others. Everyone is on their own unique path of complete understanding of truth; it is sacred and to be respected. This is an exacting law considering that every iota of an individual’s life is their Let it be spiritual affairs. If everyone adhered to the Law of non-Interference, there would be no arguments, no subversive attempts to manipulate, no war. Everyone would focus on their own purpose and spiritual journey instead of trying to influence others. Nobody would have to devote their time to praying for others. They would trust that the other person was learning the lessons that they need for their own spiritual growth. There would be more going within to understand one’s own lessons instead of trying to teach others theirs. When you take away your own limitations and fears of what life holds for yourself, you will feel less need to save others to reassure yourself. Isn’t life eternal? Isn’t everyone innately loved? If you really adhere […]

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