Monthly Archives: November 2010

How to Meet Santa Claus

There are many worlds beyond the physical. The one that we are most familiar with is the astral plane. We visit this world in our dreams and we go here after we step out of the physical body. When we visit the astral plane, we slip out of our physical body through the top of our head. The world that we are in feels as solid and as real to us as the physical world does. The astral world is a vast place. Anything we can dream or imagine in the physical world is very real on the astral plane.

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The Flaw in Newtonian Time

Newtonian time describes an idea of time marked mainly by movements along a line as continuous units. Each Unit has the same equal value. This framing of time, while useful in physics is not accurate in our daily lives. It causes a great deal of stress upon individuals to align themselves all within this structured confine. One thing is for certain; as we look around, all individuals are different. They look different, they act different, and they have a unique set of response systems that are based on their overall experience. Since no two individuals have the exact same experience (even identical twins), how stressful must it be to the human psyche to conform in such an intimate way as how they experience their moments. We all innately know that one minute doing something required is not equal to doing something we love to do for the same minute. Time bends and stretches based on our preferences and choices. If people feel constrained by time, it is because they are. Time should be a gauge for the structure of the day. Time should not be anyone’s taskmaster. Think of that friend who is always late and doesn’t keep to a […]

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