Monthly Archives: October 2010

A Shortcut to Enlightenment

I have found in my Energy Work that there are certain experiences that are Universal. Some of them are: the feeling of being isolated and unique to the point of not relating to others, the need to overcome physical, emotional and mental pain, and feel special in a way that others can not relate. All experiences are valid and true. They seem to be milestones on the way to enlightenment. I have also found that on the road to enlightenment, the individual sabotages the self. Truth is Universal. We believe we have to dig for truth, but in our zeal we cover ourselves with the same dirt that we cleared from the trenches. There is an easier way. Just embrace the simplicity of it. Be the Love. Ride Love like the music of a flute in the wind into the heart of truth. We need to unhinge ourselves from all the trauma and experiences that we have accrued over lifetimes, and just let it go. We identify too greatly with this little clump of flesh that we think we are. We are so much more than that little mound of physical matter. We are the ones that manifest our own […]

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Amercan’s Power Playground

There is a spiritual adage that states, “A soul can only be pierced or broken from within.” This means only someone’s own fear and lack of belief in themselves can destroy them. A soul experiences lack of focus and weakens itself from within. Sadly this is the process that is destroying the integrity of our country. There are many levels of awareness in the world; all for the advancement of the individual on its journey to truth. But there are negative currents affecting many. These negative currents are merely for the strengthening of the younger souls so they can be strong enough to swim against energetic tides. Eventually they realize that they don’t have to swim against the tide, they can wade along without being swept up in any of the different cross currents. They can hold their own and still remain true to themselves. Realizing this would be a very effective tool in today’s political affairs. Younger souls want power. They think they are smarter and are determined to be right. Older souls see the limitations in the current mechanisms that govern, so they believe they have to get involved to govern those who are less aware. It doesn’t […]

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Guest Blog by Jelaine Faunce

The Anxious, Exciting, Nerve-Wracking, Confusing, Liberating Experience of Personal Growth I met Jen Ward via the Internet, or, more specifically, Twitter; she was quoted by someone else I followed, and something in her quote caught my attention.  I decided to follow her, too.  This was in late December.  By mid-January, I had a feeling she could help me in my ongoing quest for spiritual understanding, not just of myself, but also of the world around me. I am, by nature, a rather inquisitive person.  I am also intuitive, methodical, empathetic and ambitious.  It’s a strenuous combination at times, and it’s gotten me into periods of physical exhaustion more than once.  But, it has never stopped me from seeking more enlightenment; such is my curiosity about life. I had decided upon following her Twitter feed and reading her blog that I would wait for an internal cue about when or if I should contact her for a session.  In March it came- with a bang.  I had a personal experience through viewing something completely unrelated to myself that convinced me I was dealing with emotions and impulses not from this lifetime.   It wasn’t the first time I’d experienced this, but it […]

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