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A Shortcut to Enlightenment

I have found in my Energy Work that there are certain experiences that are Universal. Some of them are: the feeling of being isolated and unique to the point of not relating to others, the need to overcome physical, emotional and mental pain, and feel special in a way that others can not relate. All […]

Amercan’s Power Playground

There is a spiritual adage that states, “A soul can only be pierced or broken from within.” This means only someone’s own fear and lack of belief in themselves can destroy them. A soul experiences lack of focus and weakens itself from within. Sadly this is the process that is destroying the integrity of our […]

Guest Blog by Jelaine Faunce

The Anxious, Exciting, Nerve-Wracking, Confusing, Liberating Experience of Personal Growth

I met Jen Ward via the Internet, or, more specifically, Twitter; she was quoted by someone else I followed, and something in her quote caught my attention. I decided to follow her, too. This was in late December. By mid-January, I had a feeling she […]