Monthly Archives: September 2010

The Persona of Plants

Just because they don’t scream or laugh in a way that our physical ears can hear doesn’t mean that plants don’t have consciousness. It is man in his arrogance that validates all other beings by his limited perception of them. There is a symbiotic relationship between beta fish and bamboo. My bamboo was dying. It […]

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Healing Ourselves and the Planet through Tending a Zen Garden

In any of my healing sessions, the client is pulled out of their current vantage point and given an overview of their problems. Once lifted out, they are less apt to over-analyze or react emotionally. Change can then occur. By dislodging the client from strong opinions and emotions, positive healing energy can flow through. In […]

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Choosing How You Resonate

There are different spiritual laws besides the Law of Attraction. They are as exacting as the Law gravity. One of them is the Law of Vibrations. It simply states that every thing that exists vibrates at a particular frequency. Matter, thoughts and emotions all have a vibration. The law of Vibration explains that we attract […]

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