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The Persona of Plants

Just because they don’t scream or laugh in a way that our physical ears can hear doesn’t mean that plants don’t have consciousness. It is man in his arrogance that validates all other beings by his limited perception of them. There is a symbiotic relationship between beta fish and bamboo. My bamboo was dying. It was a gift from someone who wanted to get rid of it. It was accepted halfheartedly. It was a few bamboo stalks tied together in a crisscross pattern. It just existed in this pattern for many months. One day I gave it some attention and snapped off all the wires that were holding it in place. I imagined each stalk as a person that was being unshackled from another person. It made the process of freeing them more poignant. I cleaned out it’s rotted roots and I placed it in a bowl of water and felt the freedom and relief in the group of them. But still they continued to wilt. I got the nudge to add a beta fish to their bowl. I bought a bright red beta who seemed very pleased with his new home. In my research of beta, it said that […]

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Healing Ourselves and the Planet through Tending a Zen Garden

In any of my healing sessions, the client is pulled out of their current vantage point and given an overview of their problems. Once lifted out, they are less apt to over-analyze or react emotionally. Change can then occur. By dislodging the client from strong opinions and emotions, positive healing energy can flow through. In a similar way, a Zen garden heals by taking an individual out of their particular vantage point on earth. A Zen garden on the surface seems very simplistic. Yet it is a very powerful tool for healing. It is a metaphysical principal that: when you heal yourself, you heal the whole. This concept is conveyed through the microcosm (physical self) being a reflection of the macrocosm (Universe).  Another way to say this is: as above, so below. The Zen Garden is a model of our life, our world, and the Universe. In a Zen Garden, the rocks represent landmasses and the sand represents the water. The other components of the Garden are a rake and a defined Boundary. There are layers upon layers of ways to contemplate using the simple process of raking the sand. One main point is that the garden, like all problems, […]

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Choosing How You Resonate

There are different spiritual laws besides the Law of Attraction. They are as exacting as the Law gravity. One of them is the Law of Vibrations. It simply states that every thing that exists vibrates at a particular frequency. Matter, thoughts and emotions all have a vibration. The law of Vibration explains that we attract to ourselves those things that resonate in agreement with our vibration. Think of the example of a bucket of ping pong balls dropped from the ceiling. Eventually, they will all bounce at the same height. If there were balls in the group t hat bounced higher, it would help the group of balls bounce higher. This is similar to how we as individuals uplift (or degrade) the consciousness of everyone. Remember when every town had a church bell? What a beautiful sound. The purpose of the church bell may have been lost years before it was used. The purpose was to ring through the group and have them all resonate at a similar frequency. It was to bring a harmony to the group. Yet now conformity is reaching critical mass in many ways. The more we break out of the conformity of mass thinking, the […]

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