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Speech Empowerment

When was the last time you received a compliment and just accepted it graciously? We are taught to diminish ourselves. Even in our self-talk. We are afraid to be perceived as egotistical. But this is just a façade for a deeper fear. Historically, if someone was pointed out in the crowd, it could mean certain death. One such scenario is the Salem Witch Trials. Anyone could be accused and pulled away from their family and persecuted. This happened in most eras before democracy. Memories of persecution along with many other traumas are stored in our DNA. As much as we may want to be acknowledged, the fear from past eras may be too ingrained to allow it. The reality is that it’s not life and death to be pointed out in the crowd in present times; at least not in America. In one sense it is a good spiritual practice to empower yourself with self approval. If things get out of balance, the Universe will bring a blow to the ego to correct it, but it won’t be life and death. Also False Humility is a throwback from past lives in sects of worship. To feign humility is unnecessary and […]

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The Understanding of Physical Pain

I always get frustrated when there are campaigns to find cures for particular diseases. It’s very frustrating because common sense dictates that the raise in dis-ease of the body would directly relate to the amount of toxins that the body is ingesting. Anything that is experienced by the senses needs to be processed by the body. With my hands on work, I have experienced  how emotional toxins cause physical pain. Doctors call it fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a systemic illness that has no known cure. Doctors are only able to lessen symptoms. It is categorized as excruciating trigger points of pain in the body. I know from experience that fibromyalgia is an overload of emotional as well as physical toxins in the body. People need to find a way to release the emotional pain that the body is storing as stagnant energy. A way to help yourself is by thinking of the body as an ever fluid river of energy. Visualize pouring pure clean energy into the body through the top of the head.  See it washing through. Reiki is a form of washing the energy out. The facilitator is using their hands as  a way to draw energy through their […]

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